Anyone using the Sparrow Midi fader

Checking to see if anyone is using the Sparrow midi faders. I’m currently using the PreSonus Faderport 2, but looking for more remote control of other CC. Any feedback is appreciated

J Mattes

Hello GurneeJ,

These Sparrow controllers work fine. After all it are ‘primitive’ MIDI devices.
I created a sparrow as MIDI remote and have seen no issues. I use the sparrow as ‘expression’ controller.
I happen to use a Faderport as well, and both devices are ‘complementary’ when using Cubase.

Hi Fantom,
Thx for the feedback on the Sparrow, It’s taken me a while to get my Faderport 2 to work in an effective way in Cubase 12. A Shout out to Werner for his script [PreSonus Faderport (2018) and Steinberg Cubase 12 (Update) -]. Really good work, check it out…Thx
I’ve been looking for something to give me more control of expression, and the Sparrow with 4 faders seemed to fit my needs. If you don’t mind, I’ll reach out to you after I receive it and compare how you have yours set up.

Stay Well

Okay, I do follow this forum ‘regularly’.
I got that MIDI Remote script for the Faderport.

There is a post in this forum elaborating on it … (but thanks anyhow :wink: