PreSonus FaderPort 2 (2018) midi remote script

Hallo community,

please find attached my first version of the midi remote script for the PreSonus FaderPort 2.

Following functionality is implemented now:

  • There are two pages: Main Page and Shift Page
  • Transport section is working in both pages

On the Main Page
Main Page:

  • Fader controls volume of the track
  • Solo/Arm/Mute
  • Bypass not working right now
  • Read/Write automation
  • prev/next steps through tracks
  • Link opens EQ/Channel strip
  • Pan: knob controls pan / knob press for monitor on/off
  • Scroll connects the knob with the value unter your mouse
  • Master should control control room volume (not working)
  • Click activates/deactivates click
  • Section / Marker without function

On Shift Page:
Shift Page:

  • Fader controls value under the mouse
  • other functionalitely not implement right now


  • (Pure) Midi tracks cannot be controlled (don’t know why)
  • Setting color doesn’t work for Link/Pan/Channel/Scroll (don’t know why)
  • No function found for “Clear all Solo/Mute” and “Arm all”
  • Scroll not available yet

Wishes / Ideas / suggestions for improvement welcome.

Happy Eastern

MidiRemote file:
PreSonus_FaderPort.midiremote (4.7 KB)

JavaScript file: (3.8 KB)

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Here with a few miner corrections / improvements:


MidiRemote file:
PreSonus_FaderPort.midiremote (8.8 KB)

JavaScript file: (4.0 KB)


Wow you just saved me hours of messing around with this! Do you have a venmo account? PM me so I can make a donation!

That’s really great stuff! Thanks a lot.