Anyway to keep specific track heights expanded

In the project window I typically have the un-selected tracks at a height of 2 rows and the selected track at 4 or 5 rows. On occasion there are times when I’d like a specific track to remain expanded even when it is not selected, for example the new chord track. But there doesn’t seem anyway to do this. Whenever I manually adjust the track height, it becomes selected and I’m really adjusting the height for selected tracks. And then when I select another track the track I’d expanded reduces itself to 2 rows like every other un-selected track. Is there a way around this?

Use Alt to zoom tracks individually and make a workspace.

Edit: Toggle Enlarge selected track off before adjusting.

Set the appropriate Key Command to toggle between behaviors.

I wanted to do this, but apparently you can’t have it both ways, where you can set a track to stay at a specific height, and not respond to other vertical zoom commands.

You could split the the project view and put the given track above our below the rest. I believe that would work.

Thanks, this will work for me. I wasn’t aware of Alt not selecting the track - good to know. And as long as I use the slider to adjust the height (not the drop down menu) it scales it fine.

Great now I’ve gone from is it possible, to multiple solutions. :smiley:

With a track in the top part split view neither the sizing slider or dropdown menu changes it.

Yeah, with using option/alt you still have to remember not to do something (use certain KCs). This works nicely for certain situations.

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