Set Track Height Limits per Track Type in preferences, as well as, individual track height lock

This should have 100% been implemented by now, this is one of those “it’s the simple things that make the biggest differences to us”

  • Separate settings for both minimum and maximum height

  • a key command for the preference to enable/disable setting

  • Right click menu on track - option to lock that individual track (can select multiple tracks at once and do same)

This has been discussed for many years in the forums, albeit, not getting a lot of attention, but very logical and pragmatic feature everyone will benefit from. ESPECIALLY, laptop users.

Me personally, I’d really appreciate being able to set a limit on Folder tracks.

Year 2013

Year 2014

Year 2015

Year 2016 (Cubase 8)

Year 2017 (Cubase 9)

Year 2018 (Cubase 10)

Year 2021


I don’t have any votes left, but if I did, I’d spend one on this!

Most important aspect to me is to lock folder height.


I second this. There are such powerful features in Cubase that lets you show/hide and zoom tracks in all kinds of manners, but never do I need folder tracks to be the same height as audio or MIDI tracks.

I second this as well!

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@mlindeb @Timo00 fiy, you can retract your votes from other threads if you feel this is important.

+1 on this from me, it would be so much tidier, and allow audio tracks to always have max zoom priority.

I will say though, there should be one or two ways to negate the limitation on a track, like, Zoom Exclusive… Or, alt-click dragging on the track resize regions, etc, etc.

For example, I might keep Group Tracks relatively small, but, if I were to be drawing in automation on that track and want it momentarily wider, I could press my ‘Zoom Exclusive’ hotkey, and then press it again when I’m done which would put it back to its max limit.

Yes, I’m aware.

PS. I’ll sell you one of my votes for 100 bucks if you feel this is important! :wink:

I’d wait for a Black Friday sale at that price

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FYI, Black Friday Early Bird sales starts in April next year.

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What if I tell you where to get a 100 bucks?

There should be a right click menu (like we had back in the day) and one of the options should allow one to instantly jump to the track title/edit/commands thing regardless of what lane or automation you are on.

This sounds like a different feature request?

Not really. They’re all inter-related. The bottom line is that everyone is looking for a way to -easily- navigate through tracks with lots of heights and lanes. It all covers so much real-estate that it makes navigation difficult. I think SB needs to take a clean sheet approach to the whole ‘accordion’ system. YMMV of course.

I’m having trouble understanding what exactly the fr you’re making is, can you draw a graphic maybe? I’m not sure what it is ‘back in the day’ you’re talking about, or ‘jump to the track title/edit/commands thing’ is? you mean the main/parent track?

I thought there was a new PLE for that? I could be wrong, it might be for something else.

Although I do not 100% understand the feature you’re describing, personally I would prefer a way that does not limit you to using a mouse. I prefer to use the mouse as little as possible. Or rather, using the mouse for what it is good at, which in my view is not clicking menus.
So as long as you can use the command as key commands and in the PLE, I’m open to any creative solution.

Just thought of this from the other thread convo,

In the context of ‘Set Track Height Limits per Track Type’

it would be AWESOME, if they gave us a few levels of Sub-Folder heights to customize. So the max for top level folder could be 4 lines, subfolder level 1 could be 3 lines, subfolder level 2 could be 2 lines, subfolder level 3 could be 1 line.

It would be nice to be able to lock heights per track…

Currently, there’s a monolithic way around this by wasting a perfectly fine feature. Zoom MEM and ZAP. It remembers everything. So you spend some time resizing the track list, heightening the important tracks, minimizing folder headers and what not, and when you’re satisfied you give the command for Zoom MEM. You start working, resizing as you like. When you need to come back to the preferred original heights, give the command Zoom ZAP. It’s also a good idea to Zoom ZAP before saving, so that you can Zoom MEM the next time you start working on the project.

“But I use Zoom MEM/ZAP mainly for editing!” That’s why I said it’s a waste of a perfectly fine feature, and that it would be nice to lock heights per track.


Yes, for example, a lead vocal track… Or a marker track you want to leave maximized because there are a lot of markers. Or some of the utility tracks would be nice to lock, Tempo Track, Video Track, etc, etc.

I do use Zoom Mem, also have some zoom specific PLE/Macros.

This should also be a feature for specifically folder tracks, an ultra-minimized state toggable by keycommand


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I’ve somehow manages by accident to lock the track height of my track CSS sustain hi (see below)

Does anyone know how I did this and if it’s possible to replicate it ?