Apollo no longer available in Cubase 11 after license upgrade

Today I upgraded the Apollo library for Padshop to the new Activation System.
In the eLCC the Apollo license appears as deleted, in the Activation Manager it is activated.


Everything works normally in Cubase 12 pro
However, I no longer see these presets in Cubase 11 Pro :flushed:
Is it wanted like that???

Same here, it seems that the MediaBay can’t realize the Apollo database.
Please give an update

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I would think not…

Obvious suggestion, sorry, and don’t know if it would help – did you run maintenance in the elc since the update?

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fwiw - I answered in the other thread.

It appears SB have decided to mark as ‘deleted’ elicenser licences when you upgrade them to SAM. This has happened on most of the recent ‘upgrades’ - there are a few posts about it.

Latest Padshop works with the SAM Apollo licence but obviously C11 won’t see the new SAM licence so it won’t appear in mediabay etc.

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Hi Steve,
thanks for your feedback.
After upgrading my Apollo license using the voucher code from MySteinberg, I have

  • activated the license in the SAM
  • found that Apollo is running in C12pro, that means, the library with all presets is visible in the mediabay
  • determined that this is no longer the case in C11pro: Apollo is not visible either in Padshop or in the Cubase 11 pro Mediabay.

Then I noticed that the license is marked as “deleted” in my eLicenser, which I haven’t seen with any other upgraded license so far.

That’s why I

  • downloaded and installed the current version of the eLCC
  • updated the eLCC database
  • and performed a maintenance on my USB eLicenser.

In the meantime I noticed that the eLicenser version is also marked as deleted in MySteinberg:

I see that as the reason why I (and other users) can no longer use certain upgraded licenses in a Cubase version prior to C12.
I hope that Steinberg will reactivate the licenses. It is clear that these are NRF licenses - upgraded to Steinberg Licensing.

Yep. There’s something wrong here, since it doesn’t work as it’s stated in the support article

are you on the latest version of Padshop 2 that is SAM aware ? - this means Padshop should see the licence even if C11 mediabay can’t.

Load Padshop 2 in C11 and see.

Anything that pre-dates SAM (such as C11) won’t see these ‘new’ SAM licences obviously

Quite a few of the ‘upgraded’ licences remove (or disable) the elicencer dongle - such as the GA Simon Philips studio/jazz drums. Avid codec etc

some more discussion on this here:


I loaded Padshop 2 and there is no Apollo datadbase :frowning:

I noticed the same when I purchased some Padshop 2 addons during the holidays. They were installed into the new Steinberg Activation Manger (SAM) and cannot be seen by Cubase 11 or lower. Of course, this fragments ones content between old & new Cubase and eventually forces, in a sneaky way, users to upgrade to Cubase 12.


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it’s classic Steinberg :slight_smile: - removing elicencer licences was a disaster waiting to happen.

FWIW did you “reach out to support” - maybe they will reissue you with a new elicencer code ? be interested to find out.

I myself will not contact the support because I almost always use C12.
Only have C11 as reserve on my system, in case there should be any problems with C12.
But I know from colleagues that they are angry because they feel compelled to update to C12 in order to be able to continue using purchased libraries.

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and I don’t use the stuff enough to go through the pain and frustration of attempting to deal with SB support :slight_smile:

I can see why people would be annoyed though - I wouldn’t mind but I tagged a SB employee a couple of weeks ago on the other thread - but predictably, zero response.

as I said - it’s classic SB :smiley: