Apparent disappearance of Audio Events

Hi, I would like to report a bug that has been systematically occurring to me since I tried to insert audio tracks into my project.

Here are the steps that led to the abnormal behavior:

  1. Create a Project with two songs
  2. Insert in each Song about ten audio tracks with relative events
  3. Save the Project thus built, close it and reopen it
  4. Moving between the two songs and passing the mouse pointer over the audio events at a certain moment you will notice the disappearance of some of them
  5. The disappeared audio events are actually in place, but the event length has been reset

I apologize, but I would like to receive feedback on the above report, if it has been analyzed, but it was not understandable, or has not yet been considered… thank you!

I have the same problem.

So far we were not able to reproduce this problem but we keep trying. Any hint how to successfully reproduce it is of course of help, thanks.

… maybe the project file will give us some hints. Can you please give us your *.vlprj file?
… and maybe a screenshot when the clip is invisible.


Hi, I report as required the .vlprj file that I used during my test: (203.2 KB)

The two songs initially appear as in the screenshots below:

After passing a few times between the two songs through the Setlist menu on the left of the application GUI, simply passing the mouse (without any click) on the events present in the audio tracks resulted in the following situation:

Notice the track events for which the lengths are set to zero.

I remain available for any further information on this software behavior that I have encountered.

Thank you for all the support provided.

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Hi @Dark_Helmut, thank you so much for all your help and hints. We are looking to it and get back to you soon. We are hurrying …


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Hi, the problematic behavior seems to have been fixed with version 1.1.30 :slight_smile: