Applying plugin on part of a clip

Hi there,

When mastering I sometimes need to apply a different eq or comp settings to a part of a song.
Working in audio montage, I guess there are only 2 ways to do that :

  • split the clip in audio montage and change plugin settings in the clip part needed.
  • edit the source and render in place with plugin settings in master section.

My problem is, I have a very hard time to do this seemlessly.
When clip is split in montage the generated crossfades are audible. I tried several types and length of fades but the result is never the same.
If I render in place it is the same, limits of the treated region are sometimes audible.

Do you have advices on crossfades settings or parameters configuration to do this easily ?


I would personally do it in the montage because it just makes more sense to me. But if you’re hearing the crossfades, I would start by bypassing all the plugins and making sure the crossfades themselves sound seamless. Linear fades of exactly the same length should be technically perfect after a split, and if they’re not something got shifted or overlapped too much or too little. But other shapes can definitely be audible, depending.

If part of the issue is manipulating the crossfade in the first place, the easiest way i’ve found to keep it perfect is to split the clip, pull one of the edges so there’s an overlap without moving either of the clip segments, hold down Shift and mouse press in the middle of the overlap, then drag the mouse to the right to increase the length of the crossfade.

If the crossfades without processing sound ok, then look at how big the changes are in processing between the segments, and try longer and shorter crossfades. The whole crossfade can be moved by holding down Ctrl and dragging.

Thanx bob99 I managed to clear this out.

The problem occur if have dynamic processing on the clips, even if the volume curve is set to “after effects”.
With a linear crossfade I can make it work searching for the right length, if to short it’s audible, if too long I can hear some glitches during the crossfade.

But I also tried the send effect automation PG talked about in other thread, and it seems I can on/off some plugs.

Can someone just explain to mee what the send level in db means ? It seems at 0db I have total wet signal and at -inf total dry ?

Do you mean this thread?

I didn’t see this thread… but it perfectly answered my question ! :slight_smile:
Thx bob99