ARA 2 limitations in Cubase 10.0.30 and Nuendo 10.1

Please find all details about the limitations of the first implementation of ARA 2 in Cubase 10.0.30 and Nuendo 10.1 in the knowledge base article:

ARA 2 limitations in Cubase 10.0.30 and Nuendo 10.1

Thanks for the communication.

I’m having a problem with ARA2 and Spectralayers. When working in Spectralayers via ARA2 in Cubase, I can’t get playback to stop, not with spacebar or manually in the Spectralayers transport menu or Spectralayers transport bar

that works for ok for me here (windows 10) so possibly not a universal issue and probably not a ARA2 limitaton in cubase/nuendo - I saw that Robin is trying to assist in the other thread

@matthias - thanks for the acknowledgement of the current issues.

I don’t know if this is the same as the Comping issue, but when I mute a clip with Melodyne in it, then it is almost certain that Cubase freezes on playback.

Try it with Cubase locator loop on and click on the actual audio in SpectraLayers

is this a cubase bug or a SL bug ? this thread is for known ARA2 limitations in cubase/nuendo.

Any news about the update to resolve those limitations?


Just read this. It’s a little disappointing as the main advantage to something like ARA to me is to be able to tune and comp at the same time. At least they are aware of the issue and are planning on fixing it. I got excited when I first saw the ARA announcement but I guess now I’ll get excited when I see the ‘ARA bugs fixed’ announcement.

Ara2 with Revoice has been a nightmare in both an old and a completely new project so far. Truly hope premature releases like this can be avoided in the future.

I have the same exact problem. Windows 7.

I had a problem with employing the moving tool in Melodyne resulting in the same freeze.

Using lanes is a no-go. I didn’t experience a freeze as mentioned in the limitations note. I used spectralab on a mix I was mastering, then later imported a revised mix from the client and put it (on the same channel) on a lane under the spectralab effected mix. Both mixes were playing back at the same time, the spectralab event wasn’t playing by the rules of cubase’s lanes hierarchy - wasn’t muting when the other event had focus.

Do you know this time release date of 10.0.40 with all fixes ?

I am also curious because I am waiting for this update. I hope it will happen as soon as possible


Unfortunately I’m very sad with v10.0.30 :frowning:

Has anyone else notice an issue where after tracks transferred to Melodyne the bars/measure grid in Melodyne do not line up to Cubase? I am noticing it is slightly off on a project I am working on. The project does have tempo changes so maybe I am doing something wrong in setting up the Melodyne track. There are a few choices in melodyne after the transfer none seem to work for this problem so far… so no way to use time alignment in Melodyne to quantize a percussion loop to a drum loop imported on another track, as an example. Works in the stand alone version of Melodyne Studio and in Studio One.

Why does this never get updated with information about the version 10.0.40?

Either another thread was started or maybe there’s been few or no complaints with version 10.0.40.
If not, maybe you should start one.

As far as I’m aware, the only ARA2 limitations in 10.0.40 are:

  1. It doesn’t respect edits to clip gain - so you should do your edits, render then use Melodyne
  2. Cubase still doesn’t support receiving/creating tempo maps from Melodyne

Feel free to add if I’m missing anything…