ARA support in Cubase?

Does Cubase has any plan to be ARA compatible?

Although Cubase has integrated many features like audiowarp and variaudio. The ARA compatibility can make Cubase a studio-friend DAW, because some engineer and producer has get used to Melodyne and Autotune.

Yes! And even Reaper has it now!


It’s planned for an upcoming release - ARA 2 - hopefully Q1

:smiley: “Even”

What year?

When Cubase 10 was released, they announced a Q1 2019 release date for ARA support. They’ve still got a little over a month to deliver that.

And a few point releases to get it working! :laughing:

May I know what is the Q1? Is it a upgrade to the current 10 pro or a brand new product? Does it cost to upgrade to that version?

we are all waiting for the the new Q1 update (codename: Ferguson 2000) which will be available in Quater 1 hopefully :grin::ambulance:

Q1 means 1st quarter, literally breaking the 12 months of the calendar year into 4 quarters of 3 months each. The last day of the first quarter is March 31st. The new version will be part of Cubase 10 Pro. It will likely be the next minor release. It will certainly be free for Cubase 10 Pro users.

So yes, ARA in about a month. Unless it’s late.

I hope to see it till 1st quarter…

1000 people will ask for it…
500 people will try it.
20 will use it.
Everyone will complain about it.

…I’ve seen this movie before.

Actually, nobody asks for a function that they won’t use.

oh I have been waiting a few years for ARA in my studio :slight_smile: hope it will work as good as I hope inside my head.

+1 Waiting very impatiently for the last few years.

Still waiting for it to upgrade to C10.

Looks like there are levels of ARA integration into the DAW.
Read that Studio One is better or more fully integrated with ARA than Reaper.
Personally I’ve been waiting for a long time for ARA in Cubase that any less than full functionality will be a big disappointment.

Cubase update will probably be released near or at the same time as Nuendo 10 which is being advertised as having ARA integration as a key feature.

I’m very disappointed in steinberg lying so often.

ARA integration is the main reason I upgraded to Cubase 10,
and it’s not even implemented yet.

Steinberg got a lot of customers by lying that there’s ARA in cubase 10.

I asked specifically in pre-sales section of the forum if there’s ARA in cubase 10 and was told “yes”,
upgraded to c10 and here I am waiting for ARA for months.

nonsense. :unamused:
Steinberg is NOT lying !
See the new Nuendo 10, finally with ARA Integration (!)

cubase will also get ARA. Take some patience. I guess Q2. And it´s a FREE Cubase Update, that was announced (!)