ARC2 crashes Wavelab7

I have used the IK ARC in the last slot, post fader for years without any problem. The new ARC2 causes crashes to WL7. The crashes are random but I was able to recreate one: if I try to save a plugin chain for a clip in the montage, WL7 crashes as soon as I start writing the name of the file.
Anybody experiencing problems with the ARC2?
Already contacted IK support. Waiting for answer.

IK got back to me asking to send them a crash log of WL. Does anybody know how to save one? :blush:


Open WL7
in the menu WaveLab 7 top left
hold down Alt key before open “Preferences” with a mouse click
(doesn’t work with a key command)
last tab at the right in Global Preferences dialog shows now “Diagnostics”

use checkmarks "what you think you need to create the report “Plug-ins” etc
read last in this dialog where the crash reports will be reported in OSX/Windows

if I miss something PG will show up :slight_smile:

regards S-EH

Thank you very much S-EH.

The procedure is ok but the crash dump option is only available for Windows, not Mac.

just asking is there technical reason (not allowed) to show this with Mac ?

regards S-EH

Yes, technical reasons. And anyway, Mac provides good crash report itself, unlike Windows.

I seem to have pretty often crashes too (also when using ARC2 as Post-Master plugin)
Any progress / resolution already?

Still waiting for a reply from IK. Maybe you too could send them a support request. If they see I am not the only one with this problem they will probably speed up the process.

Well it might be tricky to persuade IK it is their fault as the faulty file seems to be “QtCore4.dll” in c:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\WaveLab 7\ (at least in my case every time that crash happens this is the file shown in the “access violation” report")
Another crash happened, this time I had WaveLab already in diagnostic mode therefore I managed to create the error report (attached).
PG could you please have a look into it?
WaveLab7_error_report_121008-152458.part01.rar (2 MB)
WaveLab7_error_report_121008-152458.part02.rar (2 MB)
WaveLab7_error_report_121008-152458.part03.rar (983 KB)

The log does not help.
What is more important, is if you have a reproductable step by step path.

OK, this path seems to “work” (e.g. crash WL) always:

  • open audio file in WL (32-bit)
  • activate ARC2 (either as Effect or Post-Master Plugin)
  • in Global Preferences -> Options enable “Restore Master Section on start-up”
  • close WL
  • start WL
  • Render
    => crash

ARC1 works fine e.g. the same path does not crash WL when using ARC1 instead of ARC2
Also 64-bit WL seems to be not affected at all e.g. it does not crash when following the same steps.

P.S. I do realize that rendering with ARC activated is wrong :slight_smile:

Here is another one:

ARC2 in the master section (post fader slot).
In the montage try to save a plugin chain of a clip. Sometimes it crashes just typing the name to save, sometimes when you click save.

Where can I download an ARC2 demo?

I don’t think there is one.

Does anybody have any news about this? It is not getting any better. No answer from IK. The other day it happened in front of a client. What an embarrassing moment!

I reported the issue to IK myself as well, even pointed them to this thread and ask them to provide the plugin to PG for testing purposes.
After I sent the reminder, I got this response 3 days ago:
“I dont have any news yet for you once I do I will contact you.”

Thank you for letting me know.
It sounds like it’s going to take a while :frowning:

Any update from anybody?

I made a video showing the crash (just sent it to IK support)

EDIT: the link should work now.