ARCO not responding to strings post pizz.


I have had this issue for a while with string playback.

Can any one explain why the arco command is not taking effect after the pizz command?

I have made a short video.

Special thanks if any one can help me unravel this playback mystery…!


It is something which is on the way of being fixed. Until then adding nat. gets rid of the pizzicato sound. Of course one has to hide it too (scale to zero or change opacity via colour) if one is concerned how the score (and the part) is been displayed.

Thank you… this is a good work around. I appreciate.

I would just like to add one more comment to this work around as a bit of a heads up to others out there:

If you wish to “hide the nat. command sign” in your score by the “scale to zero or change opacity via color”, you will need to know that the nat. command word WILL STILL BE VISIBLE in the individual parts and any other custom score layout that you chose from there. You will have to manually change it from these different platforms…

Unless I am missing something…

Its still a very good work around for the time being…

Hopefully you will find this workaround is no longer necessary as of the new 1.2.10 update to be released this coming week.

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This is indeed better now, but there are still situations when it fails.
I have the impression that it failes when arco + start of slur → switches to arco after the slur.
Also, when a slur follows notes with staccato, the staccato is not reset to natural. (without slur, it does the reset)
(happens with Kontakt-GPO4 and a self-built expression map. )

I’m having this issue when i go from pizz to sul pont. My sul pont tremolos sound like strumming.

Insert an additional “nat.” playing technique immediately before the “sul pont.” technique, and that should take care of it.

I’m using Dorico version 2 and pizz and arco don’t always affect playback as they should.

Are you also using NotePerformer 3, by any chance, belkina?

There are known limitations consistent with what you’re experiencing.

Alan, if you find that arco doesn’t cancel pizz. properly, it may be that you are also trying (whether intentionally or not) to add another playing technique at the same time, e.g. if you go from “pizz.” to “arco con sord.” then Dorico may well not manage it: try adding a “nat.” playing technique at the point immediately before the technique that doesn’t work and that may well sort it out. You can hide it using the ‘Hidden’ property for the playing technique if need be.

Thanks, Daniel. But it also sometimes happens in the other direction, e.g. previous passage is arco, pizz is indicated (alone, no other indications) and it keeps on playing arco.

Yes I am using NP 3, but the same problem occurs even if I use the Halion sounds.

I’m fairly sure you will find the same remedy effective in such situations, until such time as we have a chance to sort this out comprehensively.

But what about the opposite, when arco refuses to go to pizz?

If you have a short example score that reproduces the problem then please could you post it here, as this will help us in fixing this issue.

Sorry, Alan, I’m obviously not making myself clear. If you find that arco refuses to switch to pizz., try adding a “nat.” playing technique before the pizz. playing technique.

And as Paul says there will almost certainly be an issue that we can fix or at the least use to inform the work that we still need to do in this area, so if you can produce a simple and minimal example (e.g. try exporting just one of the string players from your project, then cutting it down to just a few bars that reproduce the problem) and attach it here, we’d be pleased to look into it.

Thanks Daniel, I thought nat was only for arco. I tried it and it does work. In case you want to see the problem file anyway, here it is. See m. 91. The file is actually not zipped, I just added the extension for the forum (427 KB)