Are these old USB e-Licensers valid?

The attached photo shows two USB e-Licensers I received years ago with Arturia software instruments.

Are they both usable with Dorico?

I’m asking because after iLok updated their hardware, some software required the 2d-generation dongle.

e-Licenser Control Center doesn’t say anything about the hardware being different, but I’d like some verification from Steinberg.

In other words, is there more than one version of the Steinberg USB dongle, how are the different versions distinguished, and which works with Dorico?

(BTW, Arturia has long since switched to a proprietary software solution for both managing licenses and for plugin upgrades, which allows for authorizing on two machines. I would love to see Steinberg doing that too.)

According to this article, it does appear that the old USB dongles should work with Dorico:

Yes bobk, I have a dongle exactly equal to yours and it works. It’s not the most recent, but works. It’s not even the most old (longer and bigger), but I don’t see any difference in speed with the most recent.

Thanks, Alberto! Good to hear a real-life instance of an old dongle working.

As I understand it, the two dongle designs that have been supplied with Cubase etc. are functionally interchangeable. I believe the later model is both smaller and faster, which some find improves performance in Cubase.

Mine is very old. Probably from when steinberg first started with usb dongles. Never had problem with it, but Dorico does not seem to like it, and I’m replacing it next week. See my other post.

The old dongles are 6.5 cm (2.6 inches) long; the new ones ~5cm (2 inches). Which is yours?


Mine is 6.5 cm long. I love vintage gear :smiley: , but I have ordered a new key. I try to replace my old before contacting support.

For some reason, I’m getting worried Donald Trump is going to join this forum and start posting about size of his dongle… :open_mouth:

I hear people are paying high prices for these on vintage gear web sites! The processor may be slower, but they dongle at a higher quality. :wink:

Thanks for the info - it’s consistent with the article’s claim that the longer ones have a slower processor.