Are you ready for 10.5 ?

I heard 10.5 is coming very soon … Are you ready for big update ,new features and the best Cubase ever :sunglasses:

To be honest, I am pretty happy with C10 but I am always excited and interested in seeing what’s new in the updates.

I hope that the 10.5 will be the big clean up version…

I heard something about if you’ve recently done an upgrade before a release comes out that you get the new release for free, so like if you’ve just upgraded to 10 you would get 10.5 if it’s within x amount of days? Is this true or misinformation?

Absolutely true. If you ACTIVATED a Cubase license after the Grace Period date, you will automatically updated to the latest version. They have been doing it for years. It is usually a month or two before the release that the Grace Period goes back.

“very soon” How soon? Do You mean tomorrow or next week or next month or next year or next decade?

Yes and how would OP know unless it’s just speculation based on previous release date time frames which would be in November anyway ?:man_shrugging:

Thanks. Cool. So you wouldn’t have to do anything if you say activated a cubase 10 license today for example and then the 10.5 comes out in a few weeks, as e-licenser would automatically do the update to 10.5 ?

EDIT; just found Steinberg have a page explaining this. And it seems like the grace period is around 4 weeks. Cool

To answer to the initial question, no, I’m not. Simply because it seems that 10.5 will require a DAW under Windows 10 to avoid any graphic glitch.

So, I’ll probably delay any update/upgrade until being able to change my present system, and go through all the W10 and VSTis reinstallation nightmare. I’m not in a rush, honestly : if ain’t broken… :nerd:

I’d speculate that it’s probably still a couple of months away.

Some week before black friday. 13 or 20 of November.

Can’t wait! Always love getting the new Cubase update.

It isn’t about me being ready for Cubase Pro 10.5, rather it is about Cubase Pro 10.5 being ready for me. :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting fror them to sort out Cubase 10 as in HiDpi scaling for Windows. 100% or 200% is a complete no no and means its unusable? Solution disable HiDpi and have a blurry GUI, how marvelous. 10.5 I don’t think so.

Well rumors has it that this will be fixed in 10.5, which also has something to do with Steinberg ditching Win7 support.

Well that’s exactly my gripe they introduce something in 10 as a paid upgrade that does not work. They now might possibly fix it in another paid upgrade. :cry: :angry:

That’s the way it goes. Fix 5 bugs, do 10 new features add 5 new bugs. And they say that you can not build a perpetuum mobile…

Well you are making a bet that you have successfully figured out EXACTLY when 10.5 will be released. If you activate 10 too early you’ll need to buy an upgrade to get to 10.5 - even if you only miss it by a few days. The way this typically gets played out is someone owns 10 but does not activate it until 10.5 is released (since Steinberg typically does not pre-announce) which is the only way to ensure you get the free upgrade.

Gotcha. Thanks

I would suggest wait OP.