Are you ready for 10.5 ?

Quite happy with C10, unless there’s something that will encourage me to update on release of 10.5 I’ll be happy to upgrade in my own time, probably 6 months in depending on bugs etc.

Nope… but I’ll be excited for 10.5.3. Usually when they fix what they break after every update…

I usually update fairly soon after release, but always keep the old version ready to launch if any issues require it. While I have had to use the older one to deal with some one-off issue, I’ve never needed to fully retreat to it for regular use until a fatal-to-me-bug is resolved.


My personal opinion is that everyone should wait for 10.5.1 and even then, only those who heartily consider themselves “early adopters” update, and not due only to the tempting novelty of it.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get in a groove or in the zone when working on the daw, the risk of upsetting the psycho-muscle memory apple cart it’s high. Let’s just say I speak from personal experience- I’m in recovery. :wink:

It would certainly send a strong message to Steinberg if everyone boycotted the new release until all bugs were confirmed fixed. Hit them in the hip pocket where it hurts and send a jolt through their hierarchies. :sunglasses:


Is 9.5.x more stable than 10.x? If you get 10.5 pro and the eLicencer, you can download and run any version prior to the one you purchased of only the one you purchased?

Just the one you purchased I think. Not sure if they provide downloads for older versions.

They do…

Damn, quit with these teases!!! :slight_smile:

All bugs? How many is that do you think? What about all the new bugs they create fixing old bugs? I’m guessing you’ll want those included too. So you’re looking for the first piece of complex software that’s entirely bug-free or you want to boycott them? Let me know how that works out.


All bugs ? Then you would never be able to buy another program, ever.
I update mostly as early as humanly possible. Install and find what bugs and features I can work with or around.
Projects I continue in the older version until I’m confident the new version is workable.

Good luck with that.

Yeah… ARA doesn’t work as it should…
And there’s a lot of bugs that bothering me… :frowning:

Ready? One step at a time.

I need Cubase 10.0.40, the eDongle, and my UR824 working on OS X 10.15 Catalina before I can even think about Cubase 10.5.

Maybe practise reading in the meantime? :wink:

No way - I’m staying well away from Catalina. I’ll upgrade when then next OS comes along and everything is comfortably 64bit.

Must admit, I’m looking at Catalina in the same way. Depends how good that ‘use your iPad as a second screen’ thing is with audio apps tho.