Arpache 5 and Arpache SX causing unwanted notes to be played when using mute/solo

There is an issue where, during playback, using Mute/Solo on a midi track that have Arpache 5 or Arpache SX as midi insert would cause the arpeggiator to lose sync and play unwanted notes for a brief instant.

How to reproduce :

  • Create an instrument track
  • Record long chord notes
  • In MIDI Insert add Arpache 5 or Arpache SX
  • Play the track and mute/unmute repeatedly
  • Notice the notes to be played erratically for a brief instant upon unmuting the track
  • Now add a Folder Track and put your instrument track in it
  • On the Folder Track, click Solo and notice the arpeggiator go crazy for even longer
  • The arpeggiator loses sync when both activating and deactivating Solo on the Folder Track

This may be caused by the “Chase Notes” preference. It will retrigger the note on an unwanted position. So the produced notes are out of time. Try to disable this pref.