Arpache SX sequence mode issue

Does anyone know how to use arpage SX in sequence mode by dropping a midi container. When I do that the result is wrong.


If there is a gap between the start of the MIDI Part and the first note, then it will indeed cause an issue.

Please let me know if it’s something else.

no problem the trigger mode is the first sort, … modes that do not work well and do not respect the notes of the midi track

For tour problem I think you can add a note with zero velocity on the first beat to stall the container

Thanks, I was only suggesting that this could be your issue, and not asking how to fix it. Your initial post really lacks some details so this truly is a guess work…
I think you should read the manual to see how the different modes work, this may bring you the answer.

Except that the notice is wrong and that the program is bugged !!!