Arpache SX sequence problem

Hey guys, so i thought I’d do some arp patterns I can use to speed up the process of trying out ideas, for bass, synths etc.
Doing some bass ones, single notes, I create a 1 bar MIDI loop with the pattern (all in C2 for example), I then drag that into Arpache SX , I set the mode to repeat (although I’ve tried all the different modes) and save it as a preset.

This is the MIDI pattern dragged into Arpache SX, note it starts on the 2nd step

This is what the preset config looks like on Arpache SX

When I use this preset, I record or draw the notes, it seems to not want to stick exactly like the pattern, see below of what the output looks like:

It’s basically moving some of the notes, maybe a bar, at times, just couple of notes, not respecting their exact positioning as in the original MIDI clip.

This is on Cubase Pro 12.0.40, Windows 10 Pro 21H2.

Any ideas? Is this a bug of some kind? I’d appreciate it if someone tries it on their end, in case it’s just my machine and provide the feedback please.
I think Arpache SX could be a very powerful tool to use, not sure why I’ve skipped it all this time.


To me out looks like 1/16 (or what the Grid Size is) has been added to every single end of the pattern. Am I right?

Can confirm.
The pause at the beginning is ignored by Arpache. Instead it adds it at the end.

If you insert a dummy note on for the phrase it works correctly:

Looks like a bug to me.


it is 1/16th, but ignoring the first empty step/s, therefore moving the pattern to begin on the very first step, then more than likely, adding extra notes at the end, usually at the beginning on the bar outside the loop, if a 2 bar loop, then on the 3rd bar.
More complex patterns, it does other weird things, but it does sound like a bug of some kind.

Ticket logged, reported as bug, CAN-43795 .

@Louis_R : Something for your wiki?


I can confirm that 100%.
The issue is only when importing a MIDI part that has an empty space at the start. When pressing a key to play the sequence, it immediately starts from the first note. but the start gap is then added up on every subsequent loop, thus the whole sequence gets continuously pushed to the right.

MIDI Part dragged into Arpache (1 bar with 1/16 gap at the start) :

Result : The sequence gets offset by the gap value (here 1/16) on every loop :

Furthermore (additional issue), when using the Repeat Play Mode image and when Transpose image is set to anything other than Off, when holding a key and waiting until the transposed sequence plays, the last note will stay frozen when releasing the key, and it needs to be pressed again to stop the sound.

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