Arranger event heights, are they completely random?

Hello there, I just tried out arranger tracks recently.
Is here any logic to the height of the arranger events?

The event heights seem to change randomly when increasing/decreasing the track height and zooming in/out.


I think it’s trying to keep all arranger events always visible in a naive way. I’m not sure if it always did this (this is a feature that hasn’t received a visual upgrade in a while), but it’s certainly not new to Cubase 12.

I just tried it in C11 and there it does not adjust the heights at all, so it seems to be a C12 thing?

With a project tempo of 120, I’ve created some arranger events of various lengths.

  • The ones that are not “wrapped” even when I’m fully zoomed out are those that are 8 bars in length or greater.
  • Also, events are not “wrapped” at all, regardless of their length, if track height is lower than 2 lines.
  • At some point while manipulating track height, it is possible to have events completely disappear from the track, because they’re trying to do their “staircase thing”, but they fail to wrap to the top, so they don’t show at all. (I should make a gif of all this but it’s fairly easy to see by fooling around a bit.)

Something’s obviously not right here, but I cannot say exactly what’s at fault. Maybe the track thinks it’s taller than it is?


Looks like the maximum number of stairs is 28 (number of letters + 2), after which they don’t make stairs anymore.

arranger track staircase