Articulations getting "stuck", playing back incorrectly


I’ve been using Dorico for a few years now, and have stumbled into an issue that I can’t figure out. In a passage using lots of playing techniques, I am finding some of my articulations are getting “stuck”, such as playing back as pizzicato when the notation reads as arco. Even in the play tab in the articulation lane, it shows as pizz. I can’t figure out how to make it playback as arco!

Attached is a screenshot showing measures 8-12, where the stacc and trem in m9 should be non-pizz, but the play tab shows pizz.

Thanks in advance for any inputs!

I also notice several inconsistencies regarding expression map processing in the current version: incorrect/missing information in the X-lane, incorrect processing of trigger conditions in base switches. Cross-project! See also my above post about the add-on switches.

Have you checked your mutual exclusion groups?

yes, if you only want one technique per part to be active at any one time you need to either do as Janus says or manually cancel the existing technique with an “ord”. If you want to combine techniques anywhere then of course the EM must define any such combinations.

I find add-on switches are best used in situations where the particular switch is global to the instrument and not patch-specific such as “con sord”. This way you can of course use a base switch+an add-on together.

I was able to solve my problems…