Articulations not registering

I found a thread on this from 2017 but didnt want to post on an old thread, thus.

I am using default dorico soundback.
The pictures explain the situation. Any ideas why this might be happening? The playing technique remains Natural however there is a pizzicato technique inserted. the second picture shows the same for Dbass in my dorico.

ill try out some other playing techniques and report back soon.
pizz issue 2.JPG
pizz issue 1.JPG

i cant seem to get any playing techniques working. i need to update dorico, ill do this.

Have you definitely installed the HALion Symphonic Orchestra library? It’s listed in Steinberg Download Assistant as “Dorico Playback 2”. It’s not necessarily super-clear, but you need to make sure you run the installer after downloading it via Steinberg Download Assistant.

thanks daniel. ill get onto that. steinberg download assistant is downloading “dorico 2.2.10 playback 1” currently. is playback ‘2’ available for dorico elements?
i didnt update anything when i first installed dorico 2 a few months ago, just the baseline. so i have some large updates. once i have updated everything - and made sure ive run the installer for the halion symphonic library - ill check the instance again and get back to you asap.

I’ve updated everything to 2.2.10. Can confirm halion library was already installed previously for 2.2 build.
Issue is still prevalent. Any thoughts on how to proceed with trouble shooting?

Are you using the correct Expression map?

i havent messed with it at all. is it necessary for the default halion soundbanks? i thought it was for if you were using a different VSTi that it would be necessary to change things in the expression mapping.
although in all honesty i dont know how to use the expression map in dorico so it is worth learning about. perhaps it is the source of the problem although ive no idea how to identify the issue.

more information: dorico is interpretting all playing techniques as if i inputted natural. ie, if i remove the playing technique the play>playing technique has no text for that note. if i choose a playing technique, the text in Play>playing technique reads natural.

The correct Expression maps are required, also for the Halion/HSO library. If this is your default playback template, the correct Xmaps should be chosen automatically, but it won’t hurt to double check… If the techniques are not defined in the Xmap for that particular instrument and library, the playing techniques entered in the score will have no effect…

this is my expression maps for cello. specifically pizzicato. does it look okay?

Yes, the Xmap is the correct one, and it contains the correct key switches. Now, in PLAY click on the cogwheel under VST Instruments on the right (Endpoint setup) and check that this Xmap is actually assigned to the Cello channel (channel 7 according to your picture above)

i believe it is correctly assigned.

No, sorry it is not… double click the blue area in your picture and select HSO Cello solo (or HSO Celli combi) from the popup menu, and it will work.
Also, if you are using HALion exclusively in this piece, you can go PLAY/Playback template… and chose HSSO. THIS WILL RESET all the xmaps to their defaults…

dont be sorry! i appreciate your time.

now im getting something that is not pizzicato by ear/sound, rather, it is playing low held out notes ignoring pitch sounding maybe an octave below. none the less the PLAY> techniques now recognises that pizz. technique.
so the question now is why is it saying pizz. but playing a different technique?

hold up let me sus this out for the Dbass too. somethings weird but i dont know how to solo a single instrument so it could be the Dbass…

confirming the cello is playing a really low held out note regardless of the notation on the screen. swapping back to the previous expression map for cello “CC11 dynamics” stops this low note and plays all naturaltechnique. i could try export audio and upload to googledrive if needed

Sound like a key switch problem somewhere… but it’s hard to guess… could you post the dorico file here? - trim it down if necessary. (you have to zip it up in order to attach it - or change .dorico to .zip)

sure ill upload it.

The CC11 Xmap contains no key swiches, it’s only for dynamics, so that makes sense. Your problem is a key switch error somewhere. A note-on that should have been outside the sounding range (switching some technique) has wandered into the sounding range of the instrument :slight_smile:

almost 2:30 am here. will be on for a bit longer. but ill definitely check in tomorrow. thanks again for your help.
dont even know aye - (637 KB)