Artificial harmonic style changes on semibreves

My artificial harmonics seem to change their look for notes longer than a minim. See pic attached. I’ve tried it on a new blank project as well and it does the same thing …

Hi Ben, this is due to the noteheads used for different durations as set in the notehead set used for harmonics ( White Diamond Noteheads).

It’s been discussed before if you want to see some examples, e.g. in this thread:

Hi Lillie, ah great, thanks. I’ll have a go at that once I have more time. Although I don’t quite understand the logic of having a different diamond noteheads for the semibreves as default. I’ve not really seen that before and it does look quite odd. Thanks very much. Ben

AFAIK the harmonic diamond note head has nothing to do with duration and the same harmonic note head is used for all durations

Yes, I agree, and it makes it more consistent. I can image a change of shape could lead to questions from players which wastes time in recording sessions etc.