Artist 6.5 or Elements 10 ?

My friend gave me his Cubase 6.5 Artist (because he changed to a different DAW).

Now there is a 50% sale and I can afford to buy Cubase 10 Elements.

I understand that I would be getting a higher version, but also I would be downgrading from Artist to Elements.

Am I better to stay with Artist 6.5 ?
or do you think it is better to get Elements 10 ?

  • I cant afford Artist 10 (even at half price).

I really appreciate anybody’s advice to help me decide.

Thank you :wink:

No-one can say unless you specify what requirements you have. i.e. do you need to be able to do vocal comps, cause you can’t do that in elements. etc.

I’d wait and see what options open for upgrades from Artist 6.5 to 10 as there is going to be additional offers very soon according to steinberg reps.

I think best thing to do is compare the features on Elements to what you have in artist 6.5.x. i.e. # of audio & midi tracks. audio resolution, e.t.c

A lot has changed since 6.5. If you don’t need the track count in 6.5 artist, it might be very well worth it.

You cant have any higher discount than this.
I suggest get the artist 10 upgrade somehow,

Downgrading to elements 10 is netherless downgrade…