Celebrate Cubase’s 30th anniversary with us by saving 50% on all Cubase 10 full versions, updates and upgrades

There are some basic principles in life and one of those is “family first”. Well, we planned the Cubase 30th anniversary, but scheduled the sales deals for our existing customers after the sales promotion for the new customers. There was no bad intention, just bad timing. So please accept our apologies if we caused some irritation. The updates and upgrades will be included in the sales promotion before the weekend begins. If you have already updated to Cubase 10, please keep an eye on your emails. There will be weekly deals on HALion, WaveLab, Dorico and Iconica in May as well.


hardly “family first” in this celebration !!

I’ve been with you man and boy since the late 1980s - owned EVERY version, have multiple licences for cubase, nuendo and wavelab

please don’t dress this up as a “celebration” - it’s a basic push for new customers - nothing for the “family”

Are you offering refund for those that recently updated ? Freebies for longstanding customers ?

nah, thought not

You are very negative about it, even without knowing what to come.
He says “If you have already updated to Cubase 10, please keep an eye on your emails”.
You don’t get a diploma though :smiley:

Thank you, at least you’ve acknowledged the error and dealt with it, hopefully, most won’t be disappointed with the offering (once we see it). There’s always bound to be one or two who will never be happy.

@matthias: I’ve got Steinberg’s e-mail with HALION 6 discount code, but I already have HALION 6 :frowning: What about Absolute 4 upgrade discount? :slight_smile: I have no interest in Dorico, Iconica and Wavelab :frowning:

I see prices for Cubase upgrades added. Any chance to get upgrade discount on Absolute 4? I already have Cubase 10 :slight_smile:

This is more like it, I may now be able to purchase Wavelab Pro at the 50% discount new Cubase users have been offered.

Yup. thanks. I am also seeing new upgrading pricing for my products.

Thanks for listening Steinberg :slight_smile:

Where/how do you see this?

this year Summer sales canceled?
our crew always update for new version in Summer, thats mean we should make it now ?

A 50% deal on the upgrade from GA4 to GA5 would be nice …

Can someone point me to where the deal is for Dorito or wavelab full versions as a Cubase user? If I follow the ship link it gives full price.

Also are there deals on upgrades from earlier versions or no

Matthias said there will be, i.e. not yet.

Yes, for Cubase upgrades now as well as full versions.

when i login to my account and add cubase to shopping card. the discount is shown for items where there was no discount shown yesterday.

it wont let me buy anything it declines everytime and a says to call some number which I have an its not helping

very annoying and I hope I don’t miss the sale by the time I can buy

basically the bank people say its not on their end its Steinberg store fault they say they cant see it even to attempt the transaction I just got off the phone with them and they don’t know what to do

I wasn’t able to log in to the shop but then I just refreshed the page and I was able to proceed with payment. It seems to get stuck in the login pop-up. Just ignore it an refresh the page.

The sale lasts until June 3rd, you’ll have plenty of time.

no it lets me log in and when I try to pay it says payment failed your card will not be debited try again I never had this problem before trying to buy from Steinberg and the bank said its not on my end

I guess I will wait until tomorrow and try and hopefully it will let me through

Also having problem paying. Receive error message.

Where do you see that? There is nothing on the promotion page nor under my steinberg. I also havn´t received any e-mails with upgrade offers.