Arturia Keylab Essentials not working with Cubase 13

Hey, so i can play the keyboard fine, but none of the transport controls, like play or pause, record etc work. When i press the button there is midi data being sent i think, but the functions just dont work. I can only use it to play the instruments via the keyboard but i want to fully use all the functions this keyboard has to offer. I am not very technical with this stuff, as this was a keyboard i could always just plug and play. Any ideas why its not working fully and how to fix it? I have gone into the midi controller page, selected it, tried all the different midi/inputs and outputs for the keylab essential mk3 and none of them work.

Hi, if you open Studio->MIDI Remote Manager, does it show your Keylab connected? If so, which ports do you see assigned?
If you cannot see it connected, go to the next tab Scripts, scroll down to your model and see if it’s deactivated. If it is, select it and then click on Enable Controller Script.

Hi Yes,

It shows as being connected .

Don’t see anything about ports connected unless I click on the Midi In and Midi out where I have all my devices and I can select a few for the Arturia . I have tried them all and none get the controller to work. There’s like Midi, Mididin Midithru.

What’s even stranger is when I go into the controller settings , I have tried mapping g the buttons manually and it does reckognise what buttons are being pressed but it doesn’t do anything .

Only thing that works is the Piano it’s really frustrating as I’m very hands on and hate having to click on play / Pause / record etc

Can you please post a screenshot of the tab MIDI Controllers by going to Studio->MIDI Remote Manager, and selecting the Keylab? It should show in the bottom section the ports in use.

Here you go,

When I click the buttons on the transport it registers them , when I press the buttons on the controller nothing happens . It’s really frustrating clicking the play button and seeing the play button light up on the midi remote editor but then nothing happening when I press the actual button on the controller.

It’s like something is blocking the buttons being pressed from actually controlling the program even tho it is registering them. Maybe it’s just impossible and I need to change daws cos I can’t work like this :pensive:


The same topic seems to be here.

Found the fix , in the midi centre of Arturia I selected daw mode both, so Mackie and HUI. Then in cubase I selected the HUI for the midi input and output .

Thank god for that lol thanks for the help

I honestly got confused and didn’t even know to which thread I was answering :joy:

Sounds like a tricky situation. Sometimes, keyboards and software don’t talk too well at first. Have you checked if the keyboard’s firmware is up-to-date? Also, there might be a setting in Cubase you gotta tweak for it to jive with your KeyLab. I’d say, check for any software updates for both the keyboard and Cubase. If that doesn’t cut it, maybe reaching out to Arturia’s support could lend a hand. They might have a quick fix or two up their sleeve!

I have fixed it now.

Had to select the correct midi ports and in the Arturia midi software select ‘both’ under where it says daw mode . Both referring to Mackie Control and HUI.

In cubase the midi Port you want for the in and out is the HUI one.

You can also choose to exclude the Mackie/HUI from “all midi inputs” in the midi section of steinberg menu
That will help you not to here the sound of the plug-in when you’re pressing the transport buttons on your keylab
That way you can always have the default “all midi input” in every channel you have…