ASIO for XENYX 1202SFX Behringer Mixer

Hello…so far I haven’t found an ASIO driver for the mixer. Behringer’s download pages only contain images or documentation for the part.
I currently have the ASIO4All running (coniguration picture 1)
Here I can only use the CODEC in or CODEC out for audio. (ISST is the audio system from the laptop, not sure that Codec in/out is also part of the ISST))
If I compare this with the Alesis mixer (picture 2), inputs and outputs are listed individually. How do I get the Behringer to have the inputs and outputs of the mixer listed like Alesis? I think it would have to work with a Behringer ASIO driver, which I can’t find anywhere. Or can Behringer basically be operated via ASIO4ALL? Picture 3 shows the current selection of ASIOs. Greetings and thanks C.


It might happen, the Behringer device provide just one stereo bus to the computer. Please consult the Behringer manual.

As already mentioned in the other thread, the mixer isn’t the best one.
The Behringer device has no ASIO driver, as many of their devices.

unbelievable that they dont!

120 €, so what do you expect?