Assign CCs to the new Midi Remote in Cubase 12

Hi Guys,

Do you know how to assign CCs to the new Midi Remote in Cubase 12?

For example: CC1 (Modulation), CC11 (Expression), CC64 (Sustain), …ect.

Thank you.

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I don’t think the new MIDI Remote can send midi messages to Cubase.

So to achieve what you want, just program your hardware controller to send the desired MIDI CC messages directly from those controls and do not assign any Cubase actions to those controllers in the Cubase MIDI Remote.

Thank you Nico5 for your response, but what happens that once I add a fader to the Midi remote, the program in the hardware will be not active anymore.
for example, I Programed the first fader in the hardware itself to be CC1,
the modulation effect will work fine, but once I add that fader in the Midi remote even without adding any action, the modulation effect will be disabled and the fader will be useless doing nothing.

ahh -sorry @Infinity, sounds like I misunderstood something I had read in another thread.

In that case, maybe just leave those controllers out of the mapping entirely?

Yes, if the Midi Remote is not supporting that then this the only way. Its unfortunate that will take me away from this awsom feature in Cubase 12, as using the buit-is CCs are critical for me and I have only one controller.

do you need only native MIDI CC messages, or do you also want some Cubase control?

If it’s a combination, you’ll still want to use the new MIDI Remote facility.

The main idea is is to combine, native MIDI CC Messages, Cubase controls (VST, Track).

For example, I wanted to create few Mapping Pages in Midi Remote, one for Composing (where I will need the Native MIDI CC Messages) , onther page for controlling modulations and effects, another page for gain staging, … ect

but that will fall apart once I deside to use the Native MIDI CC Messages

I think understand now,

EDIT: I think I may have found a potential work-around, so I’ll type that up in the next post

@Infinity I think I may have found a work-around, but don’t know if that will be useful for you.

For the track with the Instrument where I wanted to pass CC1 through, I went to the old fashioned Track Quick Controls section in the Track Inspector on the left hand side. In the Track Quick Controls you can assign a MIDI CC to be sent via a Track Quick Controls slot.


And in one of the pages, I assigned the first control to the Selected Track Quick Control.


I had the same problem, and asked when one of the engineers was around the forum on Friday. They said that it would be confusing. I don’t think that it would be, and I don’t think it would be hard to implement, it’s just a transformer with blocked and unblocked MIDI messages.

Though with the way things are, there would certainly be many who wouldn’t understand and make a mess of it.

As I said I had the same issue. Luckily I am using a Launch Control XL, and it allows for different settings from the hardware, you get 8. It isn’t structurally the smoothest controllers around, but it is small and has a nice editor, Mackie HUI setting, and is inexpensive. The Mackie HUI wasn’t working quite right before, but it is now.

I set up User 1 with Common CCs (used 4 instead of 21, but it’s easy enough to change) and made 14 of the lower 16 buttons be MLEs that I use more frequently, but I am likely to change these a lot.

The UI for the MIDI Remote shows the 14 extra buttons below the layout, as they are programmed to different CCs than when it is Track and EQ modes. So it is a mixture of the hardware and the software in Cubase.

Two of the buttons at the top are used to change the page in Cubase.

If you want to use this, you should also note that the CCs the top 16 knobs are set to are mandatory for them to also work as Track and Focus Quick Controls when in Mackie HUI mode.
It is also important to note that when in the default MIDI/Track page within Cubase, the mute, record arm etc. buttons will work on MIDI tracks, but the feedback does not light up. This is to work around “Selected Track” settings not working on MIDI tracks. However, on the EQ page they to work fine on every track except MIDI tracks. If you don’t use MIDI tracks much you could fix this. easily for yourself.

Also in the EQ page, the focus quick controls are taken over by EQ settings, which is why the Quick controls are in 2x4 banks of 8 rather than 1x8.

There was no scripting required for this.

Launch Control → Deleted
Used Nico5’s solution See below.

It would be SO!!! much easier if they had allowed pages to pass through MIDI messages to All MIDI Inputs. Because if you can’t page in the hardware, there is no solution.

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Oh brilliant!

That works too. It eats up the Track QCs though, and you may want those to be something else. You still have the focus QCs so it’s probably not an issue. Especially if you do that on a MIDI track instead of on the instrument you loose nothing.

Pitch Bend would be easier as well, and legato can be set on a track by track basis.

I’m going to go your way. But I still want the extra buttons for the MLEs. So Making a second setting in the hardware is still desirable, if you can do that.

Edit: Um no, I’m wrong, all you need is another page and you can make those buttons do whatever you like.

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Oh yes indeed!

And I also desperately want the ability to remote control the paging of sets of 8 Quick Controls - this has been missing forever …


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That would be a perfectly acceptable solution to the above mentioned conundrum.

wow I think that will work, I will give it a try and let you know, brilliant!!!


Launch Control (3.6 KB)

Used Nico5’s Solution, but left original QCs in place to work with Mackie HUI.
I don’t know if it even makes sense to share this, as it is so easy to make these things now.
Even the Mackie HUI mode seems dated somehow.

I’m still using a separate hardware setting with everything but the two sets of QCs on Channel 1, and still adding the controller to All MIDI Inputs, but seriously considering changing my workflow.

Noticed that you can’t rearrange the order of the pages. That’s a bummer.

Thanks @Nico5 !

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@Infinity Do share it when you are done :slight_smile:

Isn’t this a replacement for Mackie?

Human User Interface is from the 90s, followed a few years later by Baby HUI, and then MCU like the next year.

So, I guess it is dated.

Is there maybe a way of hacking that via editing the .JSON file?

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Finally I had some time to try it,
It’s working but do I need every time I will add instrument track to re-assign the MIDI CC in the Track Inspector?