Assign staff colors?

Is there a way to assign colors to instruments? I need this to visually identify the groups in a huge score easily. I have multiple ensembles. I see some requests have been made in the past, just wondering it this feature has been added already.

Not possible as of yet (3.5)
Wait some more days to see whether it can be done in Dorico 4…

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I’m also interested in controlling the color of the Staff lines.

There is another thread that is interested in controlling staff color:

I think this would be great, but I’m also looking for the ability to control the color of the staff, clefs, time and key signatures independent of the notes.

If this is possible, I would appreciate any help. I can’t find anything in the help or menus, but I’m thinking, based on these 2 threads that it is still not possible yet in Dorico 4.


It is indeed not yet possible, I’m afraid, but it remains something we would like to implement in a future version.

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Fwiw, it’s not completely trivial to do, but it is possible to achieve desired results if you take your score into affinity publisher. You can do marquee selections (drag a selection box) around whole staves and change their color that way. It’s manual work in a second program outside of dorico, but it could be done in the meantime.

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Thanks @Romanos!

This is what I’ve done in the past with Finale. I use a basic vector drawing program on Mac called ‘Graphic.’ I’ll continue to do this with Dorico until I don’t have to…:wink: