Assistance Needed - Lost eLicenser Key for Cubase 11

Dear Steinberg Support Team,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Stéphane, and I am writing to seek assistance regarding an issue with my Cubase 11 software license.

Unfortunately, I have misplaced the eLicenser key that contains the license for my Cubase 11 software. I have made multiple attempts to resolve this situation through the “Zero Downtime” assistance, but, regrettably, my efforts have been unsuccessful, and I’m unable to access my license.

As a dedicated user of Cubase, I heavily rely on the software for various projects that I am currently working on. There are several critical projects that require immediate attention, and the lack of access to my Cubase 11 license is hindering my ability to finalize them.

I kindly request your assistance in recovering my license or providing guidance on how to proceed in such a situation. I understand the importance of adhering to licensing policies, and I assure you that I am the rightful owner of this license.

To provide you with the necessary details, here is some information related to my license:

  • The email address associated with my Steinberg account :

If there is any additional information required from my end, please let me know, and I will be more than willing to cooperate fully.

I sincerely appreciate your prompt attention to this matter, as I am eager to resume my work on the pending projects. Your assistance will be of immense help, and I am confident that together, we can resolve this situation efficiently.

Thank you for your understanding and support. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

You are posting to a public user forum.

Since you are in a country with direct support from them, You can contact Steinberg via telephone or through a support ticket.

I can’t tell from your post what precisely has gone wrong there, but I did use Zero Downtime, and received a temporary activation code immediately, and the broken USB key was disabled in their database.

When a replacement USB Elicenser key is purchased, that code can be entered in the Elicenser app, giving you 25 hours of actual use.


Please get in contact with your local Steinberg support team. This is users forum.

Btw, I would strongly recommend you to don’t share your personal data (like your email address for example) publicly.


I tried to submit a ticket but I can’t do it.

It leads me to distributors

Did you follow the instructions for Zero Downtime on this page?


These are the local Steinberg supports you should get in contact with.

Yes I did without any success

The distributors for my country is Yamaha. How Yamaha can help me for a cubase issue ?


There is (business) relationship between Yamaha and Steinberg. At some European countries, Yamaha is the distributor and also takes care about the local support.

I live in Martinique (french carribean). The distributors website indicate Yamaha Music Latin America S.A. as the right distributor to choose, but when I go on their website it is impossible for me to select my country

The replacement of licenses stored on a lost is usually covered by the Steinberg Zero Downtime (SZDT), a service included in MySteinberg. If you have registered the USB-eLicenser in question with your MySteinberg account, you can request a SZDT backup license there.

For details, please have a look here:

These cases are all handled by the support team at the Steinberg HQ but I haven’t been able to find a request in our inbox yet.

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I have already requested a SZDT licence back up but when I to put the activation code in elicencer contrôle, it was not possible to use my mac as a soft elicencer.

So, I requested a soft e licencer back up through which I mentionned that my soft eL doesn’t work. But now, when I try to use the activation code again I see that my licence disappeared.

So I am totally lost

Could you help me please ?

If your license is Cubase pro, you will not be able to use a soft-telicenser (you will need a new USB key).

There is no backup for a Soft-eLicenser based icense. You started the SZDT process which is for USB-eLicensers only but we haven’t received the PDF form yet.

Also, as you have moved to Cubase Pro 12 with Steinberg Licensing, do you still need a replacement for the old license? This would require a new USB-eLicenser to be bought to activate the replacement license.

Yes my licence is cubase pro 11. How can I get a new usb key ?

I have two licences. Cubase 11 that I use on a mac and cubase 12 that I use on a PC. These are two different licences.

The one I would like to get a backup is cubase 11 whose I lost the usb key.
So I have no other choice than buy a new usb elicencer, right ?

Yes, you need to buy a new USB key to be able to get a replacement for your Cubase 11 pro license. But you can use your Cubase 12 Pro license on your Mac too.

You can buy a new e licenser key in Sweetwater, Amazon, and so on.


  • Can I use cubase 12 on both (my pc and my mac) ?

Sure you can.

Ok thank you.
If I met a problem I’ll be back to you