ATI Radeon or Nvidia Geforce?

Hi all,

I have been using Nvidia graphics cards (GTX260) with cubase with no problems at all for years now, but now things are playing up with Cubase Pro 8. I’m not sure 100% it’s the graphics, it could be the mouse (Logitech mx510 no drivers) or the new motherboard (Asus z97 pro wifi ) thats causing me problems but i’m trying to eliminate things to find out.

My question is: Are there known problems with one or both of these makes of graphics cards? Are Radeon known by Cubase users to be more compatible etc??

Many thanks for your input, Codsworth :smiley:

Windows 7 64bit
Asus Z97 Pro wifi
Intel i7 4790K
16 gb Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400mhz
Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX 260

For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t go with an ATI card for any reason. I’ve had trouble in the past and I just recently had my video card replaced on my non-DAW machine by a shop who didn’t ask my opinion about the brand. The escape key stopped working in Photoshop. I wasted a couple of hours tracking down the name of an unnecessary service that was the culprit. No thanks, ATI.

Cubase 8, at least the very first release, had a number of known issues related to graphics (like the Z-order of window display that hid critical modal dialog boxes). I went back to 7.5 and haven’t ventured back to 8 yet, so I don’t know how much better the maintenance release made things. At very least, though, make sure you’ve got the latest one installed.

Thanks David

I would definitely go for ATI AMD if running more than 1 monitor (esp. for 4 monitors).

No problem here, ever, with ATI (now AMD) cards on any Steinberg product. The issue is more likely to be drivers, and some older cards may not have all the features required by Windows, so try updating your drivers if you haven’t already done so. On the other hand, you’ve mentioned so many other variables (Logitech mouse, new motherboard – did you re-install Windows?) it could be pretty much anything, and it’s hardly fair to assume Cubase is the problem.

thanks for your replies.

I’m going to install Cubase 7.5 & see what happens

ATI Asus Here 4 monitors , no problem :wink:

It wasn’t cubase pro 8!!

Just installed new graphics card Nvidia, fingers crossed

Do you mind me asking which ATI cards you have in your machine?

what about for mac???

Waves plugins (and Fabfilter plugins) + recent Nvidia drivers = system-wide video-related slowdown when audio engine plays to about 3 frames-per-second. It’s related to OpenGL and both of those plugin developers use it.

Basically, the UI becomes unusable.

It’s a known bug.

Resolved by using March 2014 Nvidia drivers (for sure, others may also work).

It may be fixed in the most recent drivers, I’m not sure, the issue scared me off from choosing to update.

For these reasons, any recommendation for Nvidia for digital audio, is unenthusiastic to say the least.

I never had an issue like this with my old ATI/AMD graphics cards.

I’d been using a Nvidia GTX670 without any difficulty at all with C8.0.5.
Then I upgraded to an NVIDIA GTX970 and the latest NVIDIA driver. Initially it caused spikes in real time performance requiring much increased (but usable) latency.

I reinstalled the OS and Cubase from scratch on a whim - glad I did, the whole DAW is back to its minimum latency setting and working just fine with the GTX970.

So NVIDIA works, chances are so does ATI. Just be aware the hardware change can be a bit fiddly and a bare bones reinstall might be wise.

I actually run 6 monitors on my DAW, 4 on the GTX970 and 2 on the builtin Intel HD graphics. Works perfectly. Just with the Intel HD Graphics, let windows find and install the driver. When I used the Intel installer it tried to become number 1 and,let’s just say the 970 didn’t appreciate it!!

Running my 50" 4k’ with an ATI …
That said, I am waiting to add a 2nd monitor soon…things may change lol


For Cubase video card does not matter. Unfortunately Cubase does not use GPU!!!

NVIDIA if you want the best!

Same as with CPUs- AMD is good but INTEL is better. Same goes with graphic chip.
What ever chip you choose to go with, NVIDIA or ATI, make sure you buy ASUS graphic card only.
Then you get no fan noise and use of the best quality component on board your graphic card.

Remember to invest in better card. The new OS systems use all available recourse on board the graphic card running Cubase, VST-plugins and windows system graphical user interface. If you go with NVIDIA, buy “600-series” and up.

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Completely wrong! Have you been sleeping under a rock the last 10 years?

GTX970 is one the latest card that has been released. Issues with NVIDIA drivers and that specific card will be solved in next NVIDIA updates. That doesn’t mean the rest won’t work like 600, 700, 800 series etc. I use GT640 myself zero problems with latest driver.

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I run 4 monitors and use ATI since my machine is an AMD based machine

HOWEVER, If I had to do it over again I would NOT use ATI.

When updating my machine twice (first to win 7 and second to 8.1) I ran into the load library failed error 87 which killed Cubase startup process.

Apprently the drivers for certain series are bad and not being patched. As such I had to search long and hard for a solution which turned out to be edit my registry and rename an unused but faulty dll that prohibited cubase from loading. Crazy I know but true and I had to do it twice. Since doing it zero problems forward I admit

I’m also not a big fan of the bloated Catalyst software you are required to run now. price being same I know where I would go now. NVIDIA hands down.

I wont buy another ATI Radeon… lack of Win 8 driver support for my perfectly good Radeon,made me go Nvidia.

It is NOT true that you have to install the Catalyst Center software on ATI video cards, unless you want to. All you need is the driver. I’ve never had issues with ATI. In fact, a good friend of mine used to swear by NVidea (not the cheap ones either) until he switched to ATI. He wondered why he didn’t switch sooner, go figure :slight_smile: