Aucune licence de produit Steinberg sur cet eLicencer

Bonjour à tous

Suite au formatage et à la réinstallation de Windows 10 sur mon disque dur, j’ai voulu réinstaller Dorico 1.2.10 et Dorico 2.2 et aucun des deux ne s’ouvrent avec mon ancien code d’activation (ce que je comprends!).
J’ai bien suivi les étapes du eLicencer Control Center pour récupérer un nouveau code d’activation sur My Steinberg, mon n°eLicencer est bien reconnu mais on me dit qu’aucune licence de produit Steinberg n’a été trouvé sur cet eLicencer.
Il est vrai que dans ma fenêtre eLicencer Control Center j’ai bien dans la colonne de gauche une case “mes licences” et une autre pour “Soft-elicencer” mais que je n’ai rien dans la colonne de droite.

Je ne sais plus quoi faire après mains essais et des heures à lire des cas similaires sur le forum qui ne m 'amènent aucune solution.
Je vous remercie de votre aide.


Bonsoir Clario !
Le forum ici est en anglais, mais je serais heureux de vous apporter de l’aide. Je vous invite à rejoindre la page facebook des utilisateurs francophones de Dorico, je vous y accepterai avec plaisir.
Pour ce problème de licence, malheureusement, il faut voir avec le personnel de Steinberg (je ne suis qu’un utilisateur de Dorico). Je me permets de vous traduire ici pour Daniel Spreadbury :

Here’s a translation:
"Hello everyone. I had to format my hard drive and reinstall Windows 10 on my drive. I wanted to reinstall Dorico 1.2.10 and 2.2 but none of them could be launched, using my former activation code (which I understand).
I followed the different steps in the eLicencer Control Center in order to get a new activation code on My Steinberg. It appears that my eLicencer number is acknowledged, but I’m told that no licence for a Steinberg product is found on the eLicencer.
Actually, I don’t have anything showing in the right column of my eLicencer Control Center.

I’ve been trying hard (for hours) and read many threads of similar problems in the forum but I feel quite at loss here…


Dear Daniel (or anyone from Steinberg), I’d be glad to help Clario if I can tranlate :wink:

Hope it helps!

He needs to go through the steps described here:

Vivement des forums en français…

Bonjour Marc

mille mercis pour votre aide. C’est très agréable de se sentir épauler dans ces moments où on se sent plutôt démuni! Je vais essayer de répondre à Ulf en passant par un traducteur automatique en espérant que la traduction soit intelligible. Encore merci à vous et je vais voir comment on s’inscrit sur FB. A bientôt


Hello Ulf

thank you for your response. I have already done all the steps you recommend but it is as if my Dorico license is not registered on the Steinberg website. Thank you again for your help


do you have a „MySteinberg“ account?

How to reactivate step by step

Install your Steinberg software on the new system.
Verify online, if updates are available and install them where required.
Some installers allow for including latest updates during the installation.
Log in to your MySteinberg account.
In most cases, username and email address are the same.
Click on the big red [Reactivate] button at the top.
A list of all registered licenses that can be reactivated appears.
Select the Soft-eLicenser containing the license to be reactivated.
Only registered licenses can be reactivated!
If you cannot find the license you need to reactivate please click on the button [Register eLicenser / Software] on the top left, to register your software.
Among others, you can apply the already used activation code for registering a license.

Hi Clario, have you ever registered your license in your MySteinberg account? Reactivation can only be done if you did that registration before.

Hello Ulf and K.B.
To answer your question I think I registered my license but all these reactivation problems seem to say the opposite.

Here is what the Steinberg site tells me :
Your eLicenser with the number 185------- 12------90 was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.

Enter your eLicenser number, Download Access Code or an already used Activation Code:
Activation Code not found. Make sure that the code has been entered in the eLicenser Control Center.

How can I retrieve a new activation code if I did not register it in 2016? Thank you for your help


Clario, have you pressed the „Reactivate License“ Button? :


Yes, I followed all the steps, but I don’t have anything that appears in the software tab as if my license was not registered.

I would try a different browser (Chrome f.e.) in case your problem is browser related - just a guess…


It’s chrome I use. Can I try it with Firefox maybe?


clario, I am not in front of my computer, but I would try another browser, yes.

I’m sorry but with Firefox, the Steinberg site gives me the same answer. It doesn’t work either.

It is definitely possible to reactivate a license after something like a system update…
May be someone could walk you through the procedure with teamviewer access to your screen. Preferably a french speaker?

Dear k_b,
Unfortunately, I’m not sure there are french speaker people at Steinberg to help with this kind of issue… As I wrote earlier, I’d be glad to help, but I have a mac and never had this kind of problem, which make me rather incompetent for this task.

Thank you to you
I will try to check directly with the Steinberg site if I can get a new activation code. I hope it will be possible. Thank you for taking the time to take care of my problem.


J’espère que la traduction automatique n’a pas fait de contresens!

You can definitely contact our support team directly for help. We do have at least one native French speaker in our support team. I’m sure they’ll be able to help you get back up and running.

Hello Marc,
just a funny side notice: I connected to a colleaugue on a PC from my Mac via (as he asked for help with his notation software). After we had fixed that he asked me about a Windows specific problem with a linked folder.
Of course I wasn’t especially happy with the interface on his PC - but I was able to solve the problem on his computer in 3 minutes. And the (payed) professional computer expert, who usually helps him with his PC had not managed to solve this specific issue beforehand …