Audio artifacts in tenor voice part playback

Does anyone know why this tenor part has high pitched audio artifacts when played back? If I change instrument to baritone or other voice, it is not there. Dorico 2.20 and Noteperformer.
Sample with audio (407 KB)

Hello: I can’t try your file at this moment, as I am far from my computer, but would that be an issue related with mine maybe?

I changed the sample rate to 44 kHz in the intern audio device in my PC, in Dorico too, and after that I could hear correct stereo. Before that I heard in mono but at some random times the notes above a specific one in Violin 1 sounded with a weird stereo. Maybe the artifacts of just your tenor have to do with something similar.

I have heard your example and really don’t hear high pitched artifacts. It sounds relatively unnatural and it is weird at the red notes (out of normal tenor range, I think), but I am not sure if this is what you call high pitched artifacts.

I think it must be something with my audio setup. I re-installed Noteperformer and it went away.