Audio connections - control room, output vs control room

Hello, another question.
Metronome works if output is Steinberg USB ASIO

, but Media on the right is not playing any sound.
Then if monitor in control room is Steinberg USB ASIO

, then Media on the right has sound, but metronome no sound.

you can enable the metronome on the CR output
the advantage of the control room is it’s independence from the output buses

Need more info. Thanks.

FWIW, here is my setup, using the metronome with the Control Room (I have activated the former on my Headphones channel and tested it for the occasion : no issue…) and a Fireface UCX.

My Main Out output bus is actually decativated : all audio signals going outside Cubase pass via the Control Room (Analog 1/2 being the output bus to the monitors / Analog 7/8 being the one for my headphones), either on my monitors or on my headphones, their level settings being independent, and this way of doing prevents any possible conflict between the Control Room and the Main Out.

This doesn’t prevent any audio mixdown : the files created have everything expected, using the Main Out as only selected channel in the Export Audio Mixdown window. I’ve been working this way during several years without hassle.

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Thanks cubic13, i turn output off, then enabled Steinberg ASIO USB on monitor 1 ( headphones failed, don’t know why), then enabled MAIN in control room and then activated metronome and it seems working now. Is there any default settings for this ? Because i do randome things there . :upside_down_face:

Hi again, andriusv

No default settings that I know of. But the metronome status in the Control Room is kept from one Cubase session to the other. Added to this, there is a Control Room > Click on/off key command which allows you to make a shortkey for it. The problem is that it works only for the Main section.

Beside this, I am wondering about your headphones : in the Outputs/Control Room panes, Device Port column, are you sure that there are no device ports left and still usable for them ? Here, Analog 7/8 outputs are dedicated to the headphones and it is ‘hard coded’ in the driver : if I don’t use these as a bus, my headphones become useless…

I think its because i use this:

Your card has external inputs for headphones.

It’s all about the outputs available and my card has more or less the same configuration : from what I see, the UR12 is basically also an USB unit, with a given amount of outputs and a stereo headphones one, the main difference related to outputs being that yours has just two RCA ones.

So, if you are using the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver (I know its name thanks to this thread), you should have the four outputs available in the Device Port column of either the Audio Connection > Outputs pane or Audio Connection > Control Room one.

You can check also this in the Studio Setup window, Audio interface > Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO pane : I guess that you should have all the four outputs of your unit listed as I/O Out ones. If two of them are displayed as inactive, it’s because you haven’t created an added stereo bus for your headphones in the Control Room pane of your Audio Connections window. If the case, in the Control Room pane, right click in the Bus column, choose ‘Add Headphone’ and add your ASIO driver and the corresponding available Device Port items fort it.

This become interesting, so lets dig deeper.
This is what i see in Studio setup

And Control room allows to set Steinberg ASIO USB only on Headphones or on Monitor:

My bad… It seems that the UR12 driver is indeed unable to cope with both the RCA outputs and the headphones one at the same time. A rather strange limitation that probably explains the RCA outputs : either you use it on a hi-fi set OR with headphones.

So, and unless someone is knowing it better than us, being unable to use the headphones is indeed a limitation of this soundcard. Sorry again… :slightly_frowning_face:

EDIT : what I don’t get in the UR12 case is how the RCA or the headphones are selected, unless the same output bus is supposed to be used in parallel for both the RCA outputs and the headphone one. If the case, I’m not sure that using the Control Room is still relevent…

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OMG! I just read this email! I am so sorry fir not responding sooner.

Thank you for the great explanation. I have not created busses for the headphones, I just keep switching the outputs. Duh!

I will be doing that right away and saving myself a lot of trouble, thanks to you!

My gratitude,

Michael Mysticmouse

I agree on everything. Thanks for info. I will use control room, to learn :slight_smile: