Audio dies after adding/removing audio/instrument track/external fx

Cubase 11.0.41
macOS Monterey 12.1 (iMac I9)
Interface: Motu 24AI , latest driver 90114

Dear all,

I upgraded my system with a Motu 24AI audio interface and installed Monterey from scratch.

Now I have the issue, that when I add or remove an audio/instrument track or external fx my audio dies. I can hear the audio input staggering erratically for a second and then it goes silent. Input Metering and Stereo Out/Control room in Cubase stills shows activity, but the interface does not show any activity on the output channels.

To make it working again, I have to go every time to the Studio Setup → Audio System → 24AI and click on the lower “Reset” Button.

I tried almost everything (ASIO Guard on/off, buffers, CR on/off, etc), trashed all preferences and nothing helped.

I also have Logic Pro X and there I have no problems at all, I can add/remove external instruments, audio channels or external fx “bis der Arzt kommt”, the audio engine does not break.

Any ideas?


Make sure, you have the latest MOTU driver installed, please. Is the MOTU driver macOS 12 compatible?

I have a feeling, there was a discussion about MOTU devices recently. Could you search for it, please?

Thanks for the fast response. Yes, it’s the latest drivers (released last month) and they officially support Monterey.

I was browsing before posting but did not find any thread about my problem, only this post sounds similar, but it was about someone using multiple audio interfaces which I don’t: Changing output bus disables output?