Audio driver conflict between Windows and Cubase

I have conflict between my web browser (playing a youtube tutorial video) and cubase. It seems I cant have both functioning at the same time.

By default, my project Audio System ASIO driver was set to " Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver", and this disables the browsers ability to render the audio from this youtube video the instant cubase loads. I get audio from cubase, but no audio from anything else, including windows generic sounds. I get an error from youtube saying my audio device was reset and I need to restart the computer. Which I did, but this doesn’t fix the problem.

If I go into the Studio Setup, and change the ASIO driver to “Realtek ASIO” (my on-board sound card), now youtube works again, But now there’s no sound coming out of cubase. Apparently I cant have one without the other??

Does anyone know how to resolve this problem?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You are right. One ASIO driver can be in use in one application only.

Please use the ASIO4ALL in Cubase instead of the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver in Cubase.

There is a setting in Cubase to “Release Driver when Application is in Background”. This might be what you need (maybe) ?

The link below seems to be from the Cubase 9 manual, but I guess it’s the same in later versions.

Here is a full howto for this problem:

Im a n00b here, just starting out with a DAW for this first time (Cubase AI). I tried following this article, but Im confused because many of the options he descibed in paths that dont exist. And Im not really sure I fully understand what my hardware setup should be for this to work correctly - ie maybe this is not the way to get this configured given my current setup.

I bought a Audio Interface because Im interested in being able to record my bass guitar. I got the UR22C. But as it turns out, I dont have compatible studio monitors so I cant hook up my existing speakers with it - Im going to replace these soon when i have more $$$. I was expecting to make the UR22C my ‘sound card’ for everyhting, and totally bypass the onboard Realtek audio, but it appears I cant for now because of the speaker problem. So for the time being, Im not using the UR22C, its just sitting on my desk, since my bass guitar can wait - Im just trying to get the midi controller working with Cubase, and I was assuming there must be some way to have all audio available from all applications. Ive used Adobe Audition for quite a while and havent been in this situation before where I cant have audio from everything all the time…

The UR22C came with Cubase AI, and since I just recently got a midi controller because Im interested in learning piano, I thought itd be cool just to get cubase up and running with my controller (M-Audio 88) using my on-motherboard soundcard (Realtek Audio).

So given that, is this article you posted applicable here?

I installed ASIO4ALL but Im not sure what to do with this. After I installed it, and started Cubase, it prompted me about the drivers having changed and now ASIO4ALL is in the list. But when I selected it, I got an error saying no compatible hardware was found - Im assuming this is because Im not using the UR22C yet?

So Im bit confused as to how to move forward given my circumstances? Is it not possible for me to use Cubase in this scenario along side other applications playing audio simulaneously?

Again, sorry for the n00b questions, but Im hoping someone out there has already gone through this and can help me out :slight_smile: