Audio drop outs and spikes


Since the upgrade to Cubase 11 im now getting audio dropouts and spikes.

This is happening with only 2 or 3 tracks with a few plugins on, Audio performance meter is constantly hitting the red.

I normally work on heavy load projects on 9.5 with 60-80 tracks without any issue.

iMac i7 - 32gig ram - OSX Catalina 10.15.7

Please advise



Increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please.


I’ve increased the buffer size to 1024 from 256,

its still dropping audio out, and performance level peaks, this is with 1 stereo track and 8 plug-ins, so a very tiny load.


Do you have the latest Yamaha/Steinberg driver installed, please?

How is your Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System setup, please? Maybe attach a screenshot, please.

Yes I have the latest Yamaha driver and vastest cubase 11 pro update.
I currently can not work on anything at the moment.

Audio Performance meter in the red using just one track
With 9.5 i average about 60 - 80 tracks a session with zero issues.


Could you test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please?

Im on a imac - is this windows only app ?


Oh sorry, I have overlooked this. Yes, this is Windows only.

Im using the same set up that i had with Cubase 9.5 which had zero problems.


I’m here on similar specification. It’s MacBook Pro, but I also have i7 processor and only 16GB. All is good here.

What Audo Device do you use, please? Could you try with Built-in Audio, please?

Ive been using a yamaha mw12cx for the last 5 years.

Was zero issues before cubase 11 and works perfectly with all other audio apps.


Could you try with the Built-in Audio? Then we wold know, if the issue is in the driver (with Cubase combination), or if it’s something different.

Could you also try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

I Can’t even open cubase now im getting the message below.

This is also a issue I have a problem with, ive done a full re-install last week and the same issue is back.

I have latest versions of everything.


OK, this might be related… How is your USB-eLicenser? How is it connected to your computer? I guess, you don’t have old USB 2 port anymore. How old is the USB-eLicenser? Is it in a good shape?

Its in perfect shape directly connected to the imac


How old Is it? Which generation?

I dont know the exact date, ive had it a few years.

I moved it to a usb 2 hub and its working again, so im assuming usb 3 is no good for it ?


The older USB-eLicensers don’t like USB 3.

Maybe it would be interesting to connect the Audio Device via the USB hub too.

And maybe the crash would stop just by plugging the USB-eLicenser to a safe USB 2 port.