Audio dropouts Steinberg UR824

I bought a Steinberg UR824 a while ago because I thought it went well with my Cubase 9.5. edition. However, I have been experiencing audio dropouts lately. It doesn’t matter how big the project is in Cubase, even if it’s just one freaking kick sample. What follows is a random silence. I thought it was a CPU peak first, possibly caused by something else on my computer. I therefore reinstall Windows in its entirety and then discovered that the problems started after I installed the Yamaha driver and opened Cubase. Now I even suffer from audio dropouts when I ‘just’ play music (an Mp3 for example).

What is the suitable solution to combat these audio dropouts and to make music fun again? Previously I used an (10 year old) Emu 0404 soundcard and I had no problems with anything. This was a very cheap and many-year-old sound card. I cannot imagine that this is better than the Steinberg UR 824.

Already asked for support, a week ago. Steinberg won’t answer any emails appearantly… :frowning:

Same happens to my UR22 MKii, have had it for years. latest drivers everything

Same here. Even on non DAW related duties; ie playback of youtube and media player stuff. Its Irritating.

Same here, but solved when plugged the main power off and on again (it occured after rebuilding my studio and refixing all the wires. I think it is a ground problem from the electricity because my total studio gear isn’t grounded.

it is not related to ground issue, you connect its power via usb from mainboard and mainboard gives exact voltage it needs.

i face this problem from the 1. day of my purchase…

no one cares. no solution nothing. so i use onboard realtek audio,

even free onboard chip realtek has no dropout issue…