Audio Editor Window opens without Left Divider Showing - is it me?

So I have just updated to Cubase and Have come across something that I don’t think was happening before?

When I open the Audio editor window to full screen I no longer see the contents of the Left Divider unless I click on the ‘set-up window’ and click the relevant check box or I click on the left divider icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.

If I close the window and select another audio event the left divider is not preserved nor does it automatically appear if I go back to the first audio event I had been working on.

I am sure I didn’t have to select the Left divider before when I was editing audio.

I have looked through Preferences and such but can’t find an immediate answer as to why this is happening - is it me? Am I missing something?

Thoughts as always, gratefully received ! :smiley:


Do you have the Definition tab open at the time you do this?
If that’s the case then this issue has already been referenced.
As far as I know it’s been doing this since C12 was released and perhaps in older versions too.

Once again the forums come to the rescue!!!
Thanks Louis _R for pointing me in the right direction.

I DIDN’T actually have the ‘Definition’ tab open BUT I didn’t have any of them open… as soon as I selected one of the others (Process, Range, Hitpoints, Vari Audio, Audio warp) the windows left panel was preserved on closing and re-opening.

Let’s hope that someone at Steinberg can rectify this odd bit of coding - but in the meantime - I’m sorted!
Thankyou! :smiley: :100: