"Audio engine process died" every single time with Dorico 4.3

Hi forum. I’m getting the “Audio Engine Process died" error every time I try running Dorico 4.3. I’ve tried the usual first-aid solutions, including rebooting and re-installing Dorico and Halion multiple times.

I had no problems with Dorico 4.2 (no longer on my system) and 3.5 (still on my system) runs just fine. Other audio apps are running fine. I’m on OSX 12.6.1.

Has anyone run into this issue with 4.3, and if so were they able to resolve it?

I wonder whether it could be a licensing issue? Do you have the most up-to-date version of Steinberg Activation Manager installed? Is your Dorico Pro 4 license correctly activated?

If you can’t get Dorico to start all the way up, you could try using the scripts in this thread:

to generate an ersatz diagnostics report that you can upload here, and we can then take a look and see if we can figure out what’s going on.

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I’ll give all of the above a shot! I was able to re-install 4.2 which works fine, so there’s no immediate crisis.

If you have 4.2 now running you can also create a diagnostics report with that one. Dorico keeps the logs of the last 10 runs, that should give us still enough to look at.

I have the very same issue - no matter what I tried, 4.3 wouldn’t start. First it hung at “audio engine process died”, then, after updating the Activation manager it instead started hanging later in the start process. Reinstalled 4.2 and all is well. 4.3 appears to be a dud version! (I’m running it on a late -17 imac, with Ventura)

Hi @enor,

no, Dorico 4.3 runs fine on many many other machines, so it is not a general issue.

But could you also please post a diagnostic report as it hopefully contains still logs from your attempts to run 4.3.? Thank you very much

Sure, here you go!


Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.93 MB)

Thanks very much. There is a crash file of the audio engine when you were on D4.3, so I will analyze that one and come back…

Hi @enor, so the audio engine crash is actually in Groove Agent.
Could you please confirm that Dorico 4.3 runs fine with you without Groove Agent?

You can have Dorico 4.2 and 4.3 installed in parallel. Simply make a copy of the Dorico.app in the Applications folder and rename it to e.g. Dorico4.2.app. The remaining Dorico.app you then can upgrade to 4.3 and voila, you can start one or the other to get the wanted version.

Before running 4.3 move temporarily the Groove Agent bundle out from /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components (e.g. to your Desktop) and see if it starts up then.

Yes sir, starts up normally without Groove Agent!

Thanks, gonna throw GA away, I don’t know when I last used it anyways.


This is great. I returned to this thread to find that someone else solved my problem with no work required on my end. If only life were like this more often.

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