Audio Export Tempo issues

Slowdown tempo errors exist when I playback my EXPORTED Mixdown files OUTSIDE of Cubase 6. So how do I get my work ready for external CD burning etc.? OK, my research to-date:- I can see that Cubase 5 defaulted to Standard-Mix algorithms for timestretching … and Cubase 6 defaults to Elestique Pro etc. Yes, I can play around with switching ‘Musical Mode’ on and off in the POOL … Yes, I can manually enter the correct TEMPO values into the POOL … Yes, I can even manually change the Tempo algorithm back to Standard-Mix in the POOL … but how do I tell Cubase 6 NOT to use Elestique Pro during the Export Mixdown Rendering Process?

OR … perhaps, even better, is there another fix that I’m not seeing. PS. It makes NO difference whether you EXPORT to 32 bit, 16 bit (after dithering etc.) or mp3 … the problem still exists. Of course, you can’t see the problem within Cubase 6 'cos if you play the offending Exported File, then Cubase 6 Tempo algorithms make it play ‘correctly’. Thankyou.

Not sure I’m understanding this.
You are listening to the audio clip in Cubase, with Elastique Pro engaged (and therefore, presumably, playing at a tempo different from the original recording), but you wish to export it with Elastique Pro de-activated (so that it exports at the original tempo)?
If that is it, then just uncheck the “Musical Mode” checkbox in the Audio Pool before exporting.

It might help if you explained a little more clearly what you were doing with the timestretching. (and why you would want to export it any way other than the way you were listening to it :wink: )

no, it’s more subtle than that … I have my Project set at a fixed Tempo. Then I assemble my drum loops (all goes well with Elestique Pro or Standard-Drum etc - no problem there - they all sync into my fixed Tempo). Now onto the rest of my tracks. No change occurs in my fixed Tempo. When I’ve finished I check the pool and NOTICE that the Tempo values in the POOL, for my Audio tracks, are not ALL set at my fixed Tempo Rate, more like some arbitrary 120 bpm values etc., along with some at my fixed rate. However, no probs, 'cos my Project plays back correctly.

Problem comes when I Export Mixdown to External WAV file, ready for CD Burning. When I check that file, OUTSIDE of Cubase, it’s that file which has mysteriously slowed down by 10 or so bpm?

Does that help explain it?

vic-france, just to emphasise and answer your last point … I don’t want to change my Tempo when I Export Mixdown. All I want is for my exported WAV to playback at the same speed as my Project does.


O.K. (so it has nothing to do with Elastique Pro :wink: )
Are you playing back those files, outside of Cubase, at the same sample rate as you recorded them? (e.g. if you were recording at 48kHz, and you play back at 44.1kHz, the playback will be slower)

Hiya, vic-france … thanks for staying with this one … two heads are better than one, as they say …

I’ve checked the sample rates … always the same 44.1k and 16 bit or mp3 etc. so that’s not the problem.
This bit’s weird … sometimes when I import that Cubase 6 Exported Mixdown file into Wavelab 7, it then plays fine - only to leave me stumped when I then save that same file, Exported from Wavelab 7, down to say an mp3 version … and yes, you’ve guessed, when that is picked up by Media Player for example, it slows down ???

Oh, and sometimes when I use Wavelab 6 for testing purposes, Wavelab itself plays back the imported Cubase 6 slowly …

I never had this problem with Cubase 5 and Wavelab 6. My workflow was always: finish the Project in Cubase … Export Mixdown to 24bit external file … import that into Wavelab … master and complete job … burn down to CD …

Hope I haven’t confused the issue here?

Unfortunately, I don’t have WaveLab, so I can’t try that here. How does it play back if you load it into QuickTime or something similar?

Hi Gray

Depending on how urgent your project is it may be a good idea to discard all system dvd or CD recording and use on external standalone recorder that will record from a hardward mixer or amp.

once you pretty up your stuff in wavelabs capture that sound in a external recorder going through an amp or mixer.
the advantage of this is that it records what it heres and not what files it sees.


playing the wrong notes an’t always bad

thanks novaburts,

you’re right of course … but I can’t help thinking it’s a “sledgehammer to crack a nut” solution …

I can’t believe no-one else is having this problem … that’s what keeps making me re-check these other lines of thought (like musical mode / tempo algorithms etc)

I’ve even gone back to setting all Cubase 6 Preferences to Factory defaults … and turned everything audio to ‘non musical mode’ … sure, my track still plays back correctly (it aught to 'cos Musical Mode or NOT I haven’t moved away from my original Fixed Tempo …)

but - still no good when I Export the Audio Mixdown.

Still, thanks again for your thinking …

Is your PROJECT sample rate set to 44.1 kHz (Menu Project->Project setup), shouldn’t make a difference but check anyway.

Have you tried burning the resulted file to an audio CD and played it back through a standard CD player(not your computer)? Still slow?

What happens if you import a track from a CD and export it, still normal inside Cubase and slow after export?


It sounds like the loops that are getting stretched to fit the project have the wrong tempo listed in the pool if it’s saying they’re at project tempo.

Hi TwinOak,

damn good questions … but now I’m going insane …
(by the way my Project is always set to 44.1KHz - no probs there)

OK, I’ve just imported a track from CD to Cubase 6, Cubase 5, Wavelab 6 and Wavelab 7 …
unbelievably they ALL playback TOO fast … no changes to settings, no tweaks, just bog standard default settings !!!

Is that pointing to an error in Windows 7 ?? Help, I’m now getting lost … my previous problem was too slow a playback from Export Audio Mixdown, when my recordings were all seemingly fine.

What have I now hit?

Hi mashedmitten,

I’ve gone into the POOL and set the audio files to my project’s fixed tempo … so that all matches.
I can swith Musical Mode on/off with no difference - which is right considering they were recorded at that same Fixed Project Tempo


I’ve only just noticed by doing all of this checking that my Cubase 6 projects all get the Tag: Cubase5 document … when I save them. I’m hoping that my system isn’t getting confused between the two versions? I thought many users were keeping the two versions running side by side?

It sounds like your soundcard is partially locking the sample rate…so Cubase overrides it to 44.1, but windows is playing back at 48.

Or could it be that your playback with media player etc is using your PC built in sound instead of your asio card & that is set to 48?

If none of this helps you should upload a file for someone else to check…pretty sure anyone else will find it plays the same in cubase, wavelab or wmp.

Sounds like something is going on with the sample rate yes, what interface/sound card are you using?

Do you have any other devices connected digitally to your interface (like over S/PDIF or ADAT)?


Hi TwinOak,
thanks for sticking in there … yes, it is a sample rate problem … when I play around with re-sampling between 44.1 and 48KHz, I can ‘fix’ the speed discrepancy.

Anyway, I’ve now re-checked (forgotten how many times I’ve done this already) BUT I had missed ONE critical point - (mistake of mine) …

By re-setting a ‘tick’ on ‘Externally Clocked’ for my ASIO Presonus Firestudio Externam mixing Interface (VST Audio System) it now appears to all magically work.

I realise that this tick box says … ‘Cubase must ignore sample differences and let my external sound card initiate ALL sample rates’ … however, as the Presonus only has one setting (41.1KHz) , and my Cubase Projects are all set to that same sample rate, I never questioned why another sample rate should suddenly appear inside my Cubase recordings! Whatever - it does seem to work … as before.

OK, I’ve not gone through the whole of my normal workflow to test this right through to CD burning … BUT essentially, my Exported Audio Mixdown Cubase files now playback, OUTSIDE of Cubase, as I expect them to.

thanks again TwinOak

im also using a Presonus (firestudio mobile) interface and im having a very very similar issue. my songs when exported are not playing back as i play them in cubase… they are a bit slower and when i place a normal file (.mp3) into cubase it plays back a bit fast and a little higher pitched…

how exactly did u get this “tick” issue fixed and were to i find it in cubase??? please and thanx

NP, good to hear that you found a fix.
From your earlier post I just don’t get it to add upp. You say that your interface (Studiolive?) only has one setting, 44.1 kHz, but on the Presonus website it says that it can handle 44.1 AND 48 kHz.

The behavior you describe suggest that while your project SR is set to 44.1 kHz, the audio inside Cubase is at 48 kHz and played back at 48 kHz (because your Studiolive is running at 48 kHz(?)). Since the project SR is 44.1 and you export as 44.1, Cubase just runs through your audio sample by sample and specifies 44.1 in the .WAV header resulting in a slow down.
The opposite happens when you import a CD, no sample rate conversion is made and Cubase, as well as all your other audio software, plays back at a forced* 48 kHz resulting in a sped up version.

What are your settings under “Preferences->Editing->Audio->On import audio files”?

The strange thing is that this should happen when the “externally clocked”-box is TICKED (otherwise Cubase should dictate the correct SR to the hardware according to project settings), and that Cubase is very good to warn you in case of a sample rate mismatch, then the sample rate would be displayed in orange under “Project setup”.
You say that the problems are gone when you tick it?

Your sig says that you have a Studiolive but you speak of a Firestudio in your latest post, is it simply the name of the ASIO driver?

*Forced because Cubase is intelligent enough to spit out the samples in a correct rate according to the current ASIO hardware SR. If you’ve ever played with sending a “dumb” 44.1 kHz stream through a 48 kHz DAC you know that you get a terribly distorted sound as the samples move in and out of time.

Let me know if you find out more!


I had this problem recently with cubase 5 after my PC crashed on rebooting and loading cubase it somehow switched sample rates on recording on the same project, all sounded fine in cubase but when mixed down play back was slow. As a suggestion check the colour of the text in the sample rate box if it is orange coloured then there are mixed sample rates. To get over this problem I had to resample all the audio files but keep the samples at the same position, there is a setting to do this but cant remember where, I think its in the audio drop down menu. If it is OK the sample rate will then turn grey in the box. I might add that in the pool the samples where showing the correct sample rate.

Hope this helps

I am having this same issue with cubase 5 64bit… in the project the tempo is fine but becomes much slower when exported as an mp3/wav…
Im not totally clued up on sample rates but from what i can tell they are all good. its set at 44.1. Ive even changed the tempo in the project to make it faster and still no avail. any help appreciated!
oh also using a novation nio 2/4