Audio file won't open after recording

Wavelab 8.5.30 64 bit Windows 7

I have a problem with the dedicated recording window.

I believe all the settings are at the factory default modes, but I could have mucked something up without knowing it.

With the recording window open I press record and everything is good. But once I press stop, the wave should open up like it has ever since using Wavelab 4. In the options tab I have checked “open audio file in wavelab after recording.” Simply put…that isn’t happening.

So in the meantime, I have to manually nagivate to the folder and click on the recording I just made to open it in Wavelab. This is a pain of course, so I’m hoping I have something set wrong or perhaps corrupted preferences?

Any ideas or solutions?


My solution, as I thought, was to save the important presets, screen set ups etc, and let Wavelab re-build. I think this means I had something corrupted recently.