Not working?"open audio file in wavelab after recording"

Windows 7 64 bit
Wavelab 8.5 .30 64 bit

Okay I thought I had this fixed by simply clearing my preferences and Wavelab re-building.

But it’s not fixed at all. As a matter of fact I have narrowed down the problem. Could anyone with
Windows 7 64 and Wavelab 8.5.30 64 please confirm or deny:

  1. click record to open the record window.

  2. under the options tab, make sure “open audio file in wavelab after recording” is checked.

  3. under the method tab, choose “named file.”

  4. assign your wave file a name and give it a location.

  5. press record, then press stop. The result is a wave file will open as expected. Close the wave file.

  6. Now…change the default “wave (pcm) stereo/ 44 100 Hz/ 64 bit” to…MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) When you do this the encoder box shows “Fraunhofer cbr 128kbps.”

  7. press ok

  8. Now press record, then pres stop…and no wave file shows up. :astonished:

When I try this with FLAC it doesn’t open. MP2 it doesn’t open. AIFF it actually opens.

Is this behavior happening with others?

I can reproduce. This being said, the mp3 file is recorded, you have to open it manually.
Will be fixed.

Thank you!

(If reporting bugs were only this easy with Cubase… :laughing: )