"Audio in Pauses" feature

I currently have to burn multiple CDs. About 8 for one project. So per a days worth of recording, knocked down to about 2 hours per day… for 4 days… I was going to do 8 CDs.

My question is, I loaded 2 hours worth of chopped audio into montage for 1 days worth of audio, and I created 2 tracks. I placed first hour of audio in first stereo track, and the second hour of audio in the 2nd stereo track underneath. The CD checker told me that I had to enable “Audio in Pauses” in order to do this. How to do that?

Also, Is there a better way of doing it? I am basically muting the second channel strip and burning the first that is soloed. And vice versa for the second. I also notice that I can’t put my channel markers on the second channel strip for the audio because it will be selected for the first cd burn… hence having to do it in stages. Better workflow ideas?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Make a separate montage for each CD and save fiddling around. Just duplicate each present montage and then delete the unwanted tracks.


ok, thank you

For workflow ideas the following might help: