Audio Interruptions

Since ProTools 2019 just came out Cubase is the only remaining DAW where every single action (insert effect/instrument, create track, duplicate track etc.) results in the audio being paused for a second. It‘s SUPER annoying when you‘re in a session and people are trying to write while I‘m working on the production simultaneously.

It‘s 2019, why can Ableton, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Studio One and now even the old geezer Pro Tools manage to have a continuous audio-stream but Cubase can‘t?


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+1 Yes, this has been mentioned many times and needs as much repeating as possible. I remember reading that it’s on the list but is a very huge job, understandably. My hope is that the entire audio engine is being re-coded so that this will be possible along with other needed improvements.



Whenever I’ve been working on another DAW I come back to Cubase and I’m reminded of how jarring this is - it also feels extremely unprofessional when you have clients in the studio, especially when they are you used to (any) other DAW that loads plug-ins and adds/removes tracks smoothly without throwing out a glitching pause every single time!


Hope something will happen :slight_smile:

Anyway, keep calm. I remember times when Y-cables for inserting real hardware (a few compressors & multi fx) into real mixing desks did cost a multiple of Cubase plus the proper machine to run onto. And I’ve not even spoken of the few milliseconds drop out vs. the time creeping behind racks, trying to differentiate inputs/outputs with a headlight on. Heyho, I admit I’m talking about the previous century but that’s not even 20 years ago :mrgreen:

I came from the tail end of that world, too. I can appreciate your point, but every other DAW has it and it’s what people are used to unless they’ve stayed on Cubase for years, is the issue. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m absolutely not saying I’d not be a fan of ‘gapless audio’. I am/will be - and I’m sure it will be coming sooner or later! :sunglasses:

As you state, for long term almost-only-Cubase-users it just seems so normal, you could call it Stockholm syndrome. Maybe I’ll have to see a psycho doc, getting me down to earth, once Cubase is running gapless :mrgreen:

It’s ironic we are having this discussion now- in 1992, I think it was, ‘gapless’ audio was a selling point chez Steinberg. And, yeah, a plus one here too.


I’m new to Cubase and am totally shocked that this is as designed. Really hope it gets addressed soon.


The audio drops out with nearly every move – solo track, un-solo – audio drops out, etc. etc. etc.

Also the clocks go all to hell. So, if you’re playing a part with an Arpeggiator …


2019 - time to say good-bye to drops.

If you haven’t already, please re-post and re-reply on this thread, which has a big number of responses already, so Steinberg can see it all in one place:

These audio drops-outs are starting to drive me crazy