Proper audio engine: Gapless Audio!

The worst thing with Cubase is audio cut outs during :

creating tracks
copying tracks
changing track outputs etc…
soloing/unsoloing (Edit: sometimes)
loading VST/VSTi,
moving/copying inserts,

Maybe there is more. But this shouldn’t be. Some DAWs don’t have such cut outs, so I have been told, pls tell me if I am wrong.



I have been using Cubase for so long that I have gotten used to this, but I totally agree that it is something that the developers should try to work on. It is much more noticeable to me after working in another DAW such as Studio One. I have a friend that finds this issue extremely annoying and it keeps him from switching over to Cubase. My fear is that the code would have to be totally re-worked to get rid of this annoyance. Otherwise, you would think it would have been addressed by now.

A friend of mine who uses Pro Tools, S1 and Logic says he cannot work with Cubase either, because of this thing.

I think I get more tired for nothing, because of this thing. Because these cut outs occur maybe a hundred times during long sessions, if not more (especially solo/unsolo which is used a lot with audio playing)

I believe this must be #1 thing in their list to fix.

I don’t think the whole code must change, it is the audio engine. I think when there is a change in routing etc, the audio seems to reset. I believe this is what’s happening.



The cutouts are definitely annoying.

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I hope that I am wrong about my comment regarding the complexity of a fix for this because I would love to see this resolved. I am pretty sure this has been a request for several versions now which is the reason for my comment. You would think if it was a quick fix that it would have already resolved. Of course, maybe they haven’t had enough people complain to make this a high priority. It would be nice to know if this issue is even on Steinberg’s radar.

I can somehow understand why it happens on any action a new routing is patched (creating/copying tracks) or when adding plugins (taking care of latency compensation). It also does on moving tracks to a folder (using the function/key command, not manually) - which seems completely odd to me.

It would really disturb me on solo/unsolo which is working without dropouts for me. Always did.


I realized that actually solo/unsolo sometimes works without audio cut out. But for example, when a high latency plugin is present (such as Nebula) it is sure to make dropout when switching tracks in solo.


I have to say that -something- has DEFINITELY changed in C10. I have not had ANY problems since SX4-ish. I’m using the same Sandybridge rig since for-ehhhhver, The -only- variable is C10. And there is one totally reproduceable issue: When I open an editor during playback? HICCOUGH. Never happened before. In fact, I counted on being able to open/close editors and do all manner of tweaking as I played through a CPR. Now? It’s a crap shoot. Totally stressful.

#1. This is the first thing i noticed when starting on Cubase. Its annoying.

Well, you may be right. But they really shouldn’t wait for people to complain.

+1.many year’s requested,maybe will
Be avaliable in 2045 cubase 30 pro +

Just wondering, does anyone not have this issue?

Is it better or non-existent on a Mac? I am on Windows 10 and noticed most of the other posters here are using Windows also.

I noticed the issue when switching between stereo and mono in the Control Room.

I never thought about that until i read this thread. Its very annoying and i thought all daws did this.