Audio over USB external gear

Newbie question from a vst guy who starts using hardware synths and grooveboxes.

I recently bought a Roland mc-707 and it has support for audio/midi over a single USB cable, which means that I can save 2 inputs on my main audio interface Begringer UMC 1820.

When I connect the MC-707 via usb, in Cubase pro I have to choose it as a sound interface otherwise i cant see the inputs for it. The problem is that I do not hear the sound as the speakers are connected to my main audio interface.

Is there a way to keep my main audio interface but be able to record and hear mc-707 via usb without me having to switch between these 2?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You cannot combine multiple Audio Devices (ASIO drivers) in Cubase. So the only way is to glue the Audio Devices to one ASIO driver by using 3rd party application, like ASIO4ALL on Windows or Aggregate Device on Mac, please…