Audio sounds through only the left channel

Great job!

Worked excelent!

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Thanks for the feedback, @yoshi-1 .
I’m glad it to hear it worked for you. But actually this shouldn’t happen in first place.
But I have not been able to reproduce it yet myself, though I tried very hard.
I have a theory that it has to do with switching to BlueTooth headphones and then back to built-in audio, but on the machines that I have at hand it always works as expected.
Do you also use AirPods or other BT headsets, yoshi-1? Or could you give another hint of how this could happen?

Dear Ulf,
I am encountering this panning problem on a project (once again, after passing from a Bluetooth speaker to built-in output)… Can I send you the project via email? Or is there any workaround I can try?

Thank you in advance

No, please send me, I’ll fix it for you.

Any idea on how one could solve this issue on Windows 11?


Hi @joonas , is it really the same issue like in this thread here? I think we fixed this one in the software some time ago. Or is it rather the famous new issue? Please have a look at this thread

thats exactly it!

Hi I’m having the greyed playback button problem, can you please help or teach me how to fix the issue?

Hi @rafosga, welcome to the forum.

But your problem is a different one. To get an overview please open a project in Dorico and then choose from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

It’s the same problem of “[Play button greyed out]”
Dorico (2.2 MB)
I can’t post the link, sorry

Hi @rafosga , thanks for the data, but you appear to not having installed the Dorico Sound Installation package (about 10 GB worth of data). Everything else looks normal
Do you have valid reasons (e.g. low disk space) for not having done that?
You can also use Kontakt insteead, but you have to load the sound patches all yourself.
Or you write an own Playback template for it. Whatever suits you best.

Actually I thought I did, how strange, and I’m using Halion and Kontakt for this project… Thanks btw! I will install what you told me.

Hello Ulf,
the same error with me, but not one file, but all. Sound only out of the left Channel. Scores exportet as Audio (mp3 or wav) have sound on both channels. Screenrecordings for Practicing-Demos have only left Channel.
Audio Settings:
Maybe that’s re reason? But I can’t choose anything in “Stereo-Ausgabe”
Pan ist adjustet to center but moving Pan slider left / right does not effect the Playback anyway.

Thank you for your help
best regards

Hi @Rainer_Hornig , this is actually a different problem. Please have a look in this thread for a solution.

Now I followed the tipps in your linked thread but without success. The Problem still exists.

Solved at this way:

  1. Searched for C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Asio\asioglldsetup.exe and executed it
    (maybe this step isn’ neccessary)
  2. Started Dorico and the project with the missing right channel
  3. Opened the configuration and reloadet the ASIO driver (see picture):

Repeat this procedure for every project that has audio output only on the left channel (or on one channel)

((Thank you Ulf for your help))

Hi @Ulf - I’m hoping you or someone can help me!

Whenever I use my Bluetooth headphones they always play out of one speaker, and recently my computer, stereo and wired headphones also play out of one speaker. This never used to happen. It’s incredibly frustrating! I use a Mac and am on Dorico 3.5.

I know nothing about drivers, and ASIO and all that - I bought Dorico around 2 years ago, love it and use NotePerformer - it sounds great when it works, but am very much not ‘techie’

Hope you can help!

Hi @MattLeach, sure I can help. Since you are on Dorico 3.5 your’s is a different issue than discussed in this thread, but that does not matter.
First of all, does it happen with any project with you or only certain ones? And what if you create a new project from scratch, does it also happen?
Please note that until Tuesday next week I have limited access and will be offline most of the time. So please excuse if I don’t answer in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience.

That’s great - thank you!

It happens with all projects even from scratch. No problem at all - just looking forward to it working again!!


Hi @MattLeach, in the meantime, could you please load a project and then do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks