Audio Track Configuration - Mono <> Stereo

Just recently I had to work with Studio One 5.4 and noticed a extremely smart feature we should have seen already since years in Cubase: easy change of audio track configuration. If you create an audio track in SO 5.4 in mono for instance and you then want to have it in stereo you just have to click on the icon in the track, bang! And you can do it back an forth. How could they even do that since we were told for years it is more than rocket science :grin:
Please bring that in for Cubase!


Yes, sir? :thinking:

Great idea!

Do you realize you can create macros for this? Create a macro, then assign it to a key command.

  1. Convert stereo to mono
  2. convert mono to stereo
  3. convert stereo to 2 mono tracks
  4. convert 2 mono tracks to stereo.

I think there are others, but those are the only ones I use.


Sure I realize, but after looking over the fence I saw a very smart and straight forward way to do it better. 1-click (certainly also as a key command) solution with no magic. Try the demo and you’ll understand that this conversation isn’t the smart way. And it is not about audio material it is about track configuration. This is a missing thing in Cubase 11 still. Also, check Reaper, there you do not even have to care which type of track you have, MIDI, audio, icecream, it is a track and can be what you want…there is much room for improvement.

Then your quote "And it is not about audio material it is about track configuration. "

I’m confused. The room for improvement never ends except those who complain about upgrades.

You said “If you create an audio track in SO 5.4 in mono for instance and you then want to have it in stereo you just have to click on the icon in the track, bang!”

Thats exactly what the 2nd macro above achieves. You have created a audio track in mono, but now you want it in stereo. Press 1 button, a Cubase macro assigned to a KC. Bang!

Now, if you want more click icons on the Project Page, especially ones that can already be configured as a macro, LE, or PLE, then you are competing with users who say Cubase is too cluttered looking already. Also, users who want other important-to-them stuff for example a track volume slider on each track on the project page which can’t be achieved by a macro. There are a lot of different types of Cubase users, and they all want different things. This is why Cubase provides the PLE, LE, and macros. Customize your Cubase.

The 4 commands I wrote above, assuming a track is in focus, are all 1 button press and each one can be created using a macro.

I don’t see how much more simple it can be other than you use a KC and not an icon to click on in the project page. Are you referring to something completely different, maybe a video or tutorial about what you are referring to?


how do you make this macro? “Convert To Stereo” or anything like that doesnt show up in key commands search

I can only find “Convert Tracks: Mono to Multi-Channel”, but this is something else

You made a macro that “flips” single mono tracks inc inserts etc to stereo?


Well, a macro is chaining commands together to achieve a function not achievable by a single key command. Yes, you are right there is no “convert to stereo” key command so you have to put together a macro that achieves this.

I’ll gladly list my Macro steps so you can simply press 1 key on your keyboard to instantly convert a mono file to stereo if that’s what you want.

But tomorrow…I’m too tired now. :crazy_face:

yes we need it!!!


some coffee???

stereo to mono: Make sure your track is focused.

  1. Audio>find selected in pool
  2. Media>convert files
  3. enter
  4. enter

The first time you do this you need to set the convert files option to mono. But it stays that way for future use.

You need to enter a 2nd time to say OK to the warning that this operation can’t be undone. Also in Metagrid I have programmed a few .2 second pauses between commands, but I’m pretty sure you don’t really need that to make the macro work.

Heres a few others that might help although the following isn’t the way I do it.

Also there is the export audio mixdown window to convert stuff. But I don’t think that works configuring things as a macro.

Thanks Greggybud for getting back about converting mono to stereo!

I forgot about this method, with all the ‘rendering in place’ i do these days :slight_smile:
I use rendering through stereo groups to get the same result.