Audio Warp quantize

Hi folks,

I am finding Audio Warp Quantize kind of frustrating and wondering if I’m doing something wrong.

Got 8 bars of a guitar part, cut into seperate 1-bar long events, all starting/stopping bang on the bar.

  • Extract the groove from the first bar, Create Hitpoints, then Create Groove. Fine. Groove template appears in my quantize preset list. Good.

  • Select bar 2, select Audio Warp Quantize. I’m expecting at this point that the audio within the event gets moved (it does), but this action also changes the bar star point (eg was, goes to What exactly is happening here? Surely this shouldn’t adjust the Event’s position in the timeline?


If your part is cut from larger take, try bouncing just those 8 bars, and then wrap that bounced part.

Hi, thanks for your quick reply.

Yes I tried this - same result. Moves the event approx 6/1000ths earlier in the timeline. I checked that there were no crossfades or fade-ins or fade-outs on the events, but no, they are all clean. I don’t get it. I hope its something I’m doing wrong and not a bug.

I’ve also noticed that when loop recording audio between left and right locators, Cubase usually marks the original tempo of the audio file wrong. For example the song I’m currently working on is 72.5bpm. Loop recorded audio will usually have some random figure like 109.2bpm. I have to set the correct speed manually. I wonder if this is related?

Looks like a bug.
I recently posted this in the CB5 forum

Disappointing that this behavior has made it’s way thru CB5 and now CB6. (I’m still using CB4)

I’ve learned to manually enter tempo meta. The problem for me is that I’m creating loops that I want to use in other projects. And I don’t think the meta is amended on the file, just in the current project.

Steve Im pretty sure if you use mediabay to tag your data, the metadata is written in such a way that it is readable ouside the current project.

The metadata is written hardcoded into the wav header afaik. :smiley:

Thanks for the input.
I wonder why the BPM is calculated incorrectly in the first place?

I’ve simply taken to entering the BPM into the file’s name JIC.
Media Bay scares me.

It´s more promising to convert Hitpoints to Warptabs and apply AUDIO - REALTIME PROCESSING - QUANTIZE AUDIO.
Also worth a try could be to open it in the Wave Editor (doble click on the part), then using DEFINITION. You first choose your grid there (16th for example), then you just drag and mark your 8 bars and click on AUTO-ADJUST:
Bounce selection is always a good choice here.

Hope that one of tose will work for you.
All the best.