wrong tempo in bounced file

Has anyone ever had a problem with the tempo of an exported file being wrong?
Here is what I’m doing.

I use warping to lock down the tempo of a mixed song that was recorded without click.
I make sure the beginning and end are snapped to Bars - I bounce that file down using “bounce selection”.

The bounced file has a tempo which is a close fraction of the songs Tempo. If My song is at 135 the bounced file shows a tempo of 134.78

If I bounce shorter sections I sometimes get the correct BPM other times not.

Such a small variation isn’t a problem under most situations but I’m using these bounced files in another project where I will use the “straighten up” setting in order to fit this song to another tempo.
The problem is, when straightened, the internal markers are off due to this weird tempo meta data. So even in the project with the native tempo of 135 when I hit straighten the file stretches incorrectly.

I’m able to correct it by manually entering the tempo value in the pool. I’m just curious if this is a known bug or not.

Cubase 4.1.3 Mac OS 10.5.8


I think you are doing everything correctly.

Thanks Vic,
Any thoughts on why cubase might record the wrong tempo meta?
Does this still happen in CB6?



question answered.
I just found this:

oh well…