Audio waveform not showing in 9.5?

Having just started with Cubase Elements 9 on Windows, this might be me or it might be the upgrade to 9.5.

Last week, having just started with 9, I battled my way through and have recorded a few things and sort of vaguely know what I am doing (I last used this on my Atari a LONG time ago!). I recorded guitar and bass and had lovely little pictures of the waveform.

I’ve upgraded and opening old projects, the waveforms of previously recorded tracks are there, but anything I now record doesn’t show a waveform, though there seems to be the odd dotted vertical line where I may have red lined. Further, there is nothing showing in the editor.

Now, I was messing with stuff and it might be me having accidentally messed up a setting. (I’m using UMC ASIO input from a Behringer USB input FWIW).

What can I poke?

This has been mentioned elsewhere, longest thread, I think, below (It might be worth going through the thread as there are possible solutions which might work for you in there (though don’t for me)):

I’ve not, as yet, seen any acknowledgement from Steinberg that it is an issue, presumably as it does not happen on all Windows machines (only on one of mine for instance). I think it’s mainly an NVIDIA issue but not certain of that either. Myb we need to riase it on the issues page to get a response from Steinberg at least to acknowledge the issue that some of us are having.

I’m using the following as a semi-solution: Go to Preferences-Record-Audio and un-tick “Record Audio images during Record” then at least after recording the Waveform images do show up…still not ideal but better than nothing I think.

PS: Welcome back…I was an Atari user with Cubase too (I think it was Cubeat back then?).

Thanks, I had a search for a similar thread but didn’t spot it. I’ll post there once I’ve digested and tested!

I’m having the same problem on my Mac, so your not alone. I record audio tracks and no waveform. Also,9.5 keeps crashing on me. I went back to using 9 till these issues are resolved. I have no idea how to fix these issues.

Sorry to hear you’re in the no waveforms boat with us, the first Mac user I think. Do look at the link above I gave to the other thread with this problem discussed as it has some suggestions which may help (though haven’t solved it for most).

It has been confirmed as a bug, they are working on a fix.
I don’t have the issue, but it has been reported that disabling the show waveform while recording at least gives you a working waveform after the recording has ended. I suggest reading the other threads about this, to get more precise information, this is just of the top of my head.